Amplify the Charge in Your Chakras for Deep and Transformative Healing

Are you ready to take your understanding of chakras to the next level? 

Register here for this free online event and join world-renowned chakra expert and leading somatic therapist Anodea Judith as she shares her expertise on how to activate and harmonize your “charge” — your core life force, which powers everything you do — to heal and transform your life.

During this free online workshop, “Charge & the Chakras: The Inner Psychology of Activating & Harmonizing Your Life Force”, Anodea will reveal techniques that will elevate your understanding of energy, consciousness, and personal evolution and build your capacity for more charge — including:

  • The essence of what chakras are made of, and how it’s related to your own essence.
  • Why understanding chakras without mastering charge is like trying to cook without food (or breathe without air).
  • The reasons why working with charge offers a powerful key to navigating intense emotions.
  • How to use your breathing to activate or calm your energy at will.
  • How one 5-minute technique in the morning can lead to sustained energy throughout the day.

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You won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn wisdom and energy psychology practices from this world-renowned expert, to help you transform your life! It’s FREE to attend, and you’ll receive a free recording of the event if you can’t tune in live.

Anodea’s powerful approach to working with charge helps you resolve trauma, clear energy blocks, and harness your life force in service of your spiritual evolution. Her teachings combine principles of energy theory, psychology, and practical exercises. According to Anodea, consciously understanding how your life-force energy (or charge) works and interfaces with your mind and body is the missing ingredient in the field of mind-body healing.

Register here for this free online event, and take your knowledge of energy and chakras to the next level!

To your vitality!