The Dreamwork Summit: Access the Soul’s Wisdom, Guidance and Inspiration Through Your Dreams!

Paying attention to your dreams and deciphering the messages in their images, symbols, characters and landscapes can be a most empowering experience – and the best part is, anyone can practice dreamwork and reap its many benefits.

Register here for ‘The Dreamwork Summit’ and you’ll learn a variety of dreamwork approaches and ways to tap into your inner guidance, presented by a global gathering of leading dreamwork experts, psychology professionals and inspiring authors — including Robert Moss, Jean Shinoda-Bolen, Grandmother Flordemayo, Sandra Ingerman, Lynne McTaggart, Grace Cheptu, Toko-pa Turner, Andrew Holecek, and more.

During this free 4-day online event, you’ll discover:

  • Tips on keeping a dream journal, and the amazing insights this simple practice can bring.
  • How health challenge can show up in dreams, and how your dreams can help you heal yourself.
  • Somatic approaches to dreamwork that look to the body and our feelings for interpretation, healing and transformation.
  • Dream yoga, a form of lucid dreaming that allows you to practice a skill you’d like to improve while you’re sleeping.
  • How the ancient practice of shamanism views dreams, and ways you can experience shamanic dreaming.
  • Ways you can face and work with nightmares, and turn them into opportunities for healing and growth.

… and much more!

Register here to join this free online event presented by the Shift Network – and discover how you can access the soul-guided wisdom, healing power, and creative inspiration emerging nightly in your dreamscape.

Dream on, dreamer!