Discover the Keys to Optimal Health and Healing for Your Body, Mind and Spirit

Whether you’re preparing for a white Christmas or basking in the Australian summer, the Winter of Wellness series offers leading-edge solutions to your personal health objectives — with esteemed doctors, practitioners, and teachers sharing proven methods that address YOU as an integrated, interconnected WHOLE.

Register here for this FREE online event and you’ll discover important keys for becoming the best version of yourself — physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Screening free and online January 14-18, Winter of Wellness is an unparalleled new health, healing and wellness series featuring some of today’s top health experts — including Gregg Braden, Dr. Sue Morter, Daisy Lee, David Crow, Holly Tse, Arjun Das, Alison Armstrong, Wendy DeRosa, Koya Webb, Tom OBryan, and others!

Whether you want to improve your physical health, deal with unprocessed trauma, learn about energy medicine, enhance your creativity or boost mental clarity and focus, this life-changing event will teach you innovative solutions and trusted resources that support you in achieving your individual health and wellness goals — including:

  • Healing with medicinal plants & herbs
  • Applying essential energy medicine principles & techniques
  • Using herbs and essential oils for musculoskeletal pain and inflammation
  • Natural ways to treat chronic illness, pain & fatigue
  • Qigong exercises that strength and balance your whole body
  • Key practices for awakening your capacity for self-healing, developing super-perception, and living a longer life
  • Activating the creative brilliance inside you for your neurological and psychological wellbeing
  • How to massage your feet to strengthen the essential organs and meridians for healthy vision and optimal hearing
  • Combining neurology, integrative medicine & mindfulness for optimal brain health
  • Healing your children of chronic health issues due to toxins in our environment

Register here for Winter of Wellness — and SUPERCHARGE your life! And if you’re a healing practitioner or a coach yourself, you’ll tap into a diverse array of techniques and resources during this comprehensive series, to support you in your work with clients and patients.

To your health!