FREE eBook: The 5 Meditation Mistakes We’re All Making

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Whether you’re brand new to meditation or have decades of experience, most of us are making 5 common mistakes that are preventing us from accessing its full power, according to spiritual teacher Craig Hamilton.

Craig has just published a powerful new e-Book in which he shows you how to identify and avoid each of these mistakes so that you can activate the miracle of awakened consciousness every time you meditate – entitled Unlocking the Power of Meditation: The 5 Meditation Mistakes Most Seekers are Making—and How You Can Move Beyond Them to Access Authentic Spiritual Awakening.

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Bringing together decades of research and in-depth work with thousands of meditators around the globe, this readable and enlightening book masterfully shows you how to avoid common meditation mistakes, and turn every moment of meditation into a moment of genuine enlightenment.

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  • Access the miracle of awakened consciousness every time you meditate and allow its energy to infuse every aspect of your life.
  • Experience a deep inner freedom from the hypnotic spell of fear and desire, enabling you to meet life’s challenges with courage and grace, beyond reactivity or compulsion.
  • Access a mysterious source of wisdom that arises spontaneously in response to the needs of the moment, bringing forth laser-like clarity faster than the speed of thought.
  • Tap into a dynamic and seemingly limitless source of energy, enabling you to do whatever needs to be done in each moment without burning out or becoming drained.
  • Activate your innate super learning ability, enabling you to step into new potentials and abilities with remarkable ease and fluidity.
  • Access an inner well of creativity that brings forth a seemingly endless flow of unexpected new ideas, visions and integrative solutions from a place beyond the mind.
  • Become a conduit for an overflowing, transpersonal love and care that flows through you into the world from a place beyond your mind’s comprehension.
  • Awaken to the true purpose of life so that it becomes an unwavering inner “north star” guiding you on a sacred path of ever greater significance and meaningful contribution.
  • Come into such profound alignment with the spiritual axis of the cosmos that every moment of your life is a walk in grace, and a living demonstration of the mysterious, inherent goodness of the life process itself.

Meditation has the power to improve our health, enhance our well-being, and even open us to the extraordinary possibility of spiritual enlightenment.

Download your free copy of “Unlocking the Power of Meditation and discover how you can bring the miracle of awakened consciousness into every moment of your life.