FREE Event: The Thyroid Reset Summit – Why Your Fatigue and Brain Fog Aren’t Just In Your Head

Whether you or someone you know has been diagnosed with a thyroid problem, you are experiencing “unexplained” symptoms, or you just want to add to your health and healing toolkit, please join us for The Thyroid Reset Summit, a FREE online event.

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This event is hosted by Dr. Justin Marchegiani works with patients all over the world who are challenged by underlying thyroid issues. He created The Thyroid Reset Summit to teach you how to examine your health and body holistically and support systems that are not functioning optimally.

Why Attend?

Thyroid conditions impact tens of millions of people worldwide, but all too often conventional medicine isn’t getting it right. Today thyroid disorders are the most common and most misdiagnosed autoimmune disease. Doctors routinely tell patients “It’s all in your head, your tests are normal, it’s the natural result of aging…”

What if your fatigue and brain fog were not just “in your head” or a symptom of aging? What if they could be reversed, with the right knowledge behind you?

A combination of gut infections, bacterial imbalances, food allergens, nutritional deficiencies, adrenal dysfunction, autoimmunity, toxicity from chemicals and heavy metals are causing an explosion of thyroid cases. Common symptoms include difficulty concentrating, forgetfulness and lack of focus; fatigue and sleeping challenges; unexplained weight changes; sensitivity to temperature; gastrointestinal symptoms; depression, anxiety and other mood disorders; hair, skin, nail and eye problems; menstrual irregularities and/or fertility issues.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, register here for this FREE online event. It just may be the kick-start you need on your journey back to health.

To your health and healing!