Essential Energy Practices for Empaths – FREE Online Event

Do you “pick up” on energy easily? Are you highly sensitive – an empath? If so, you’ll know how other people’s energy affects your body throughout your day. Renowned sacred anatomy teacher and healer Desda Zuckerman describes these energy connections as “metaphorical anchors” – or entanglements – in your subtle anatomy. When these entanglements don’t naturally disperse, you end up with cumulative clutter which can overwhelm you.

Join Desda for a FREE one hour training event where she teachers healing practices which will release these energetic ties, enabling you to reclaim your own authentic power. During this fascinating hour, you will:

  • Learn how to stay grounded when you feel pulled towards other people’s energy
  • Learn the difference between your electromagnetic field and the subtle energy of your sacred anatomy
  • Understand how you form entanglements with people, animals and objects around you
  • Discover how to release connections which are blocking you, healing anxiety, trauma and negativity
  • Hear groundbreaking insights about the vast energy structure of your being
  • Find out how to experience clearer thinking, cleaner energy connections and greater ownership of who you want to connect with (or not!) in your life

Take your healing into your own hands. Your empathy is a huge blessing, but it can also be a hindrance. Register here for Desda’s free training, and free yourself from the countless burdens you don’t even realize you’re carrying!

A downloadable recording will be provided to those who register, so don’t worry if you miss the scheduled event. If you’re an empath, you owe it to yourself to learn how to better manage your sensitivity – see you there!