Discover Magical Dreaming – FREE Online Workshop

Conscious dreaming, lucid dreaming and active dreaming are a gateway to time travel and manifestation – now you can discover exciting, magical ways to dream yourself into other times and other places, bringing back insight, wisdom and healing for yourself and for others.

At this fascinating FREE mini workshop, bestselling author and dream shaman Robert Moss will share a taste of conscious dreaming, along with the core techniques of active dreaming, his original and groundbreaking synthesis of dreamwork and shamanism.

Register here for this high energy adventure, where you’ll discover a path of real magic, including:

  • How to bring the energy, fun and adventure of your dream life into your everyday reality
  • How to time travel in your dreams
  • How to read the messages of your dreams and apply them to the waking challenges you face
  • A short active dreaming exercise, teaching you how to start out lucid and stay that way as you dream
  • How to navigate your life via synchronicity, by taking your dreams more literally and your waking life more symbolically

During Discover Magical Dreaming: Practices for Time Traveling, Active Dreaming and Powerful Manifesting, Robert will show you several ways to practice magic through dreaming, for more joy, healing and adventure in your daily life – don’t miss this chance to surf your dreams and live their wisdom!