Ancestral Healing Summit – FREE Online Event

Throughout history and across the globe, people have cultivated relationships with their ancestors for wisdom, healing and guidance. In our modern world, however, we’ve become disconnected from our biological and spiritual roots – and the healing power that comes from recognizing our ancestors as allies. If you’d like to fix that, join us for The Ancestral Healing Summit – a global online gathering of leading ancestral healing experts who will be sharing a powerful synthesis of spirituality, shamanism, science and psychology; ancient wisdom which will transform your life.

RSVP here for this FREE online event – don’t miss this chance to discover:

  • Life-changing processes to heal your ancestral karma
  • How connecting to your ancestral lines will help you feel more rooted and whole (even if you were adopted!)
  • How to transform intergenerational burdens into ancestral blessings
  • The connection between ancestral acupuncture and Recovering the Indigenous Mind
  • Celtic, Jewish, Japanese, LGBTQ, African Diaspora, Hindu, Native American and many other perspectives
  • How epigenetics shows that you are more than your DNA
  • A framework for addressing transgenerational trauma
  • How to work with story, song and your voice to connect with your ancestors and with generations yet to come

and so much more!

This ground-breaking five-day, totally free ancestral healing summit is certain to educate, empower and inspires you. Discover the curative powers of ancestral healing and experience a powerful connection with your loved ones beyond the veil!