The Lunar Cycles of Soul Work – How to Use the Moon to Manifest Your Deepest Vision – FREE Online Workshop

Did you know that the Moon plays a vital role in uncovering your soul’s purpose and that by aligning yourself with the Moon’s phases, you can uncover your full manifestation potential?

In this FREE online workshop, Discover the Lunar Cycles of Soul Work: How to Use the Moon to Manifest Your Deepest Vision, Devaa Haley Mitchell will show you how to use each major phase of the lunar cycle to call in your personal power, set powerful intentions for bettering your life and make your deepest longings manifest.

During this illuminating FREE online event, you’ll learn:

  • The role the Moon has played for millennia in helping us to connect with our intuition and manifest
  • How to harness the power of feminine archetypes connected to the Moon’s phases
  • How use use the lunar cycle to clarify your intentions, so that you can manifest with greater ease
  • How to apply lunar wisdom to help you reach your goals and dreams
  • How to connect with the current Moon phase, so that you can get started right now

Register here for this empowering event. You’ll get a downloadable recording later to learn from in your own time, regardless whether or not you’re able to attend the live event. Don’t miss this opportunity to tap into the Moon’s power and to create the life you’d love to lead! See you there!