Energy Medicine and Healing Summit – FREE Online Event

Do you want to unlock the secrets of energy medicine and energy healing? Join us for the Energy Medicine and Healing Summit, produced by the Shift Network – a completely FREE event where you’ll discover the curative and evolutionary powers of a wide range of proven energy practices.

Traditional Western medicine diagnoses symptoms and treats from the outside – but energy medicine unlocks your life force to heal you from the inside while addressing the root causes of illness!

For thousands of years, practitioners around the world have activated the body’s natural healing processes through techniques such as balancing qi, healing touch, Ayurvedic medicine, shamanic practices, Reiki, chakra balancing and reflexology.

During this groundbreaking FREE 5 Day Energy Medicine and Healing Summit, you’ll discover:

  • how spiritual practice can create a haven amidst chaos and adversity
  • the role that energy plays in the connection between mind and body
  • how to improve your vision with Chinese reflexology
  • how to practice Qigong, an ancient healing tool for modern times
  • grounding practices for your mental, physical and emotional needs
  • how to diagnose excessive or deficient energy in the chakras
  • profound practices based on Native American medicine to remove ego, blockages, trauma and burdens

This amazing panel of experts will share the latest energy science and leading edge techniques for addressing not only your mind, body and spirit, but also your emotions, past trauma and relationships. Join us and more than 35 of today’s most sought after teachers, doctors and healers – to grab your FREE place, simply RSVP here.