Freyja: Discover the Feminine Wisdom of the ‘First Shaman’ to Shape Your Destiny – FREE Video Event

In Norse mythology, Freyja carried the mantle of the Great Mother Goddess, with her profound wisdom passed down through myth and storytelling. As an all-encompassing archetype of the Divine Feminine, Freyja is still with us today and is an ancestor to all who practice shamanism.

Join us for an inspirational FREE video event: Freyja, Great Mother and Goddess of the Nordic People: Discover the Feminine Wisdom of the ‘First Shaman’ to Shape Your Destiny.

During this transformative hour, shamanism teacher Evelyn Rysdyk will teach you how to bring the healing nature of the divine feminine into your life and your work.

  • Understand how mythology represents powerful ancient wisdom for today’s modern challenges
  • Learn how Freyja can help you connect more deeply with nature and thus with yourself and others
  • Experience a guided journey to meet Freyja and to receive a blessing or a teaching from her
  • Connect to the fascinating teachings of Norse mythology and discover why they are still relevant and full of resonance today

RSVP here for this completely free event – a must for anyone interested in shamanic practices or simply wanting to use ancient wisdom to ground and support modern life.

Everyone who registers will receive a downloadable recording of the event, so don’t worry if you can’t make it live – register today and secure your place.