The Evolutionary Empath Summit – FREE Online Event

Are you an empath who is struggling to shake off the energy of others? Do you wish you could integrate your emapthy into your work, your relationships and your life, but you don’t know where to start with bringing out your gifts? Or maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed by the huge social, political and ecological shifts currently underway on our precious planet?

Empaths frequently struggle with physical or emotional symptoms as a result of unintentionally absorbing energy. Depression, anxiety, digestive issues, physical pain or chronic illness – you’ve walked this walk, right?

So you’ll love the Evolutionary Empath Summit – a completely FREE 3-day online event with teachings from over 30 of today’s leading empathy experts, authors and inspirational teachers. Come and join us and learn how to be a healthy empath, turning your sensitivity into your superpower!

Register here for this FREE 3-Day Online Summit and you’ll discover:

  • The key differences between being sensitive, intuitive and empathetic
  • Strategies for self-care and avoiding burnout and overwhelm
  • Modalities for healing from unhealthy family dynamics or multi-generational patterns
  • Fresh insights into parenting as an empath – and on parenting empathetic children
  • How to develop yourself as a leader with sensitive entrepreneurship skills

The visionary teachers in this summit will offer you a wide range of pick-up-and-go tools and strategies for maximizing your abilities while protecting your own wellbeing.

Join us for this extraordinary event – here’s to you rising to your full potential, able at last to fulfill your higher mission and purpose!