Remedy: Ancient Medicine for Modern Illness – FREE Documentary Event

You already understand the importance of food in maintaining and promoting good health. You probably try to buy organic when you can and maybe you use superfoods like matcha and wheatgrass. But are you ready to take the next step into Green Medicine?

Join us for a FREE transformative documentary series exploring plant healing and the most powerful herbal medicines known to man: Remedy: Ancient Medicine for Modern Illness

You’ll be on the cutting edge of natural health as 42 World-renowned experts reveal simple natural remedies and hacks for virtually every health condition and questions you can imagine.

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  • 3 herbs everyone should take everyday
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  • Promising remedies for the big diseases of our time – cancer, heart disease, diabetes, auto-immune disorders and other illnesses
  • The ancient herb combination that has been shown to reverse neurodegenerative conditions like multiple sclerosis
  • A plant based solution that addresses the real source of depression, lethargy, infertility, and a deflated libido… growing right in your own neighborhood!
  • Herbal tricks to quiet your “monkey mind” so you can stop obsessive thought loops and focus on what really matters.
  • And much, much more

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