7 Keys to Optimize Your Gene Expression – FREE Online Workshop

Did you know that your genes are not your destiny? Your lifestyle and daily activities – from what you eat to how you exercise to your meditation practice – can directly influence your gene expression.

With that in mind, we’re excited to tell you about a completely FREE online workshop run by integrative medicine pioneer and epigenetics expert Dr. Kenneth R. Pelletier:  7 Keys to Optimize Your Gene Expression for Vibrant Health.


  • The real science behind home DNA tests and your epigenetics
  • Leading-edge, yet practical wisdom to empower you to become your healthiest self based on your genetics
  • Why popular food plans and “healthy” diets may NOT be right for you
  • The 7 pathways in the body that translate your genetic expression into the biochemistry of either health or illness
  • Two types of stress which have a direct impact — either negative or positive — on your gene expression
  • A simple spiritual practice that can positively influence your gene expression — in less than 20 minutes

Register here and learn how to create an accurate “Epigenetic Profile”, complete with personalized recommendations on stress, diet, meditation, physical activity, and environmental influences.

When you begin to understand how to make epigenetics work for YOU, you can improve your memory, increase bone regeneration, enhance your immune system, and revitalize your health and wellbeing at every level.

To attend, simply RSVP here and get ready to discover how you can apply your health biomarkers for truly vibrant health!