Discover Your Unique Gut Type: FREE Online Event

As we deepen into this new year, are you ready to boost your health, more effectively prevent or manage disease, and bring your digestion and system back into harmony? It’s so important to be aware of the crucial connection between your overall health and gut — and to have the knowledge and wisdom to be able to effectively act on that awareness.

For instance, when your microbiome — the good and bad bacteria in your gut — is out of balance and you’re experiencing digestive and other health issues, it’s crucial to view this discomfort as a “friendly warning.” But what do you do with that warning?

Join neurologist and author Trupti Gokani for a FREE online event which will teach you all you need to know:

Discover Your Unique Gut Type: Restore Optimal Gut Health Through Ancient Wisdom and Gut-Brain Science

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear an expert blending ancient wisdom and modern science – learn the basics of an Ayurvedic approach to choosing and consuming foods specific to your unique gut type and overall personality – register here to get started.

During this FREE health-boosting hour, you’ll discover:

  • The gut-brain connection and its crucial link to your overall wellbeing
  • Tips for a balanced microbiome and healthy digestion
  • The 3 gut types (vata, pita, kapha ), which one is yours, and how to start eating for your type
  • Hidden gut health disruptors that could be skewing your mood and stealing your sleep
  • An exercise to tune into your body’s stress response — and its effects on your digestion and nutrient absorption
  • A simple, ancient tool to help you reset your digestion — starting today!

You won’t want to miss this opportunity to receive steps you can take right now to shift gut — and health — imbalances! Click here to register for Discover Your Unique Gut Type – and start to lead a healthier life.