Evolved Empath Summit – FREE Online Event

Are you an empathic person, very sensitive to — or even profoundly affected by — the people, energy, and circumstances around you? Many empaths struggle to deal with the overwhelming weight of their sensitivity – but help is at hand to help you make the very most of your incredible gift.

Why not join us at the FREE Evolved Empath Summit – a unique 5-day online event which gathers wisdom from more than 25 leading empathy experts, authors, and teachers who’ll guide you to discover the brilliance and purpose within your empathic gifts, so you can begin to share them with the world and become a beacon.

RSVP here to sign up for this powerful, life-changing event. You’ll be inspired and empowered for sure:

  • Discover how to strengthen and expand your empathic energy out into the world, instead of turning inward
  • Unlock your true purpose as an empath
  • Learn that putting yourself first is not selfish, so you can let go of the martyr mentality
  • Start releasing rescuing and self-sacrificing patterns… allowing others to be with their own challenges
  • Begin to connect with a community of empaths so you know you’re not alone
  • Receive self-care tips to prevent sensory overload and help you deal with overwhelm
  • Learn how to create healthy emotional boundaries, working toward your wholeness by following your intuition
  • Heal shame, guilt, greed, desire, and fear around money, wealth, and worthiness
  • Understand at a profound level that you’re always protected when you’re connected to Divine Source energy

Whether you’re newly aware of being an empath, or you’re already on the path toward wholeness and leadership, this incredible FREE empath summit will give you the tools and strategies you need to use your loving heart, strong mind, and passionate spirit to really make a difference on the planet.

Join this amazing gathering of presenters as they illuminate the path for you to rise to your full potential and fulfill your highest mission and purpose – see you there!