Discover the Ayurvedic Key to Building a Strong Immune System and Balanced Mind/Body/Spirit – FREE Online Event

In these uncertain times, it’s more important than ever to strengthen your immune system and protect yourself from illness. In Ayurvedic medicine, a healthy amount of ojas — the life-sustaining essence that enhances your body’s immunity — is considered critical to every aspect of your health and wellbeing.

Celebrated Ayurvedic professor and author Dr. Marc Halpern will share practical tips for assessing and cultivating your ojas in a FREE video event:

Discover the Ayurvedic Key to Building a Strong Immune System and Balanced Mind/Body/Spirit

In this 60-minute free online event, you’ll explore:

  • Ojas’ role in Ayurveda’s 3 Pillars of Life — proper digestion, proper sleep, and proper management of sexual activities — and how you can have the best chance of going on your journey of 100 years
  • Easy-to-implement methods for building up ojas within yourself — including which foods to eat, helpful body therapies, meditation, gemstones, and more
  • The higher-level philosophies behind Ayurveda you may not have heard before
  • How to connect with your heart and exert control over your mind, even during the most stressful times

Understanding ojas is a foundation key which will help to protect you from disease while maintaining inner and outer balance. Sign up here for this FREE event and discover the power physical, mental and spiritual benefits for yourself.

During this time of crisis, ojas also helps to create stability in your mind, preventing negativity from entering your energy body by strengthening your energetic shield – so that you can be your best self when you are needed the most.

Don’t miss this opportunity to boost your health and wellbeing with the power of Ayurvedic medicine – RSVP here; don’t worry if you can’t attend the live event, as you will receive a downloadable recording to keep.