Journey Beyond The Veil: Engage in Viaje con Sombra, the Shamanic Art of Magical Flight to Shapeshift Your Reality

As we wade through constantly changing circumstances we didn’t see coming, it’s easy to overlook the life-changing truth that’s right in front of us:

We’re actually situated in the middle of an unexpected opportunity.

This is our chance as humankind to move from self-serving empowerment to a selfless, love-inspired healing presence AND join together in sacred belongingness with our Mother Earth in service to All Our Relations, seen and unseen, earthly and cosmic.

Now Peruvian maestro curandero (healer), transpersonal psychologist, and author don Oscar Miro-Quesada is sharing a special interactive shamanic soul journey, Viaje con Sombra, free of charge, to help you navigate this juncture of extraordinary evolutionary potential.

You can register here for Journey Beyond The Veil: Engage in Viaje con Sombra, the Shamanic Art of Magical Flight to Shapeshift Your Reality & Our World in These Unprecedented Times:

In this 90-minute free online event, you’ll:

  • Practice a shamanic soul journey known as Viaje con Sombra, or magical flight for remote healing
  • Raise your vibrational frequency and energetically crystalize an Arte Maestra (a shamanic power item) as a thought form that embodies the virtue of shamanic mastery
  • Learn how the shamanic ritual process of projecting your consciousness beyond the confines of 3-dimensional space-time takes the form as a subtle energy body (also known as your Sombra, or spiritual double)
  • Recite the Great Invocation as you open to the possibility of the evolutionary role you’re destined for — as an interdependent link with the Aurea Catena (Golden Chain of Initiates)
  • Affirm the primacy of consciousness behind our material universe — as you realize how your own earthly evolution as a soul can positively impact our entire planetary biofield

Sign up today for this FREE unmissable event. You’ll be transported from your physical home to the sanctity of don Oscar’s Pachakuti Mesa Tradition ceremonial altar. He’ll guide you through powerful and transformative shamanic rituals — including the Quechua language invocation, perennial wisdom transmissions, sacred songs, and more.

You’ll discover how shamanic soul journeys like these can extend your consciousness beyond the body — and allow you to awaken untapped spiritual potential and unused psychic powers waiting to be called forth.

This is a journey you won’t want to miss, especially during these crazy times. If you can’t attend live, you’ll receive a free downloadable recording, so you won’t miss out – just RSVP here to save your space.