The Mind, Body and the Vagus Nerve Connection Summit – FREE Online Event

What do you know about your vagus nerve? If you’re like most of us, probably not a lot. In fact, this critical nerve nerve forms a bi-directional “super-highway” between your brain and the majority of your internal organs. Unless your vagus nerve is in good shape and activates readily when it is supposed to, the brain-body as well as the body-brain communication will be disrupted. Chronic stress, so prevalent in today’s world, leads to low vagal tone, which has been linked to a variety of mental and physical health issues, including chronic inflammation, neurodegeneration, poor gut function, autoimmunity and cancer.

Whether you’re trying to heal from a chronic illness or fight an acute infection, you cannot properly heal when your nervous system is out of whack. So what can you do to improve your vagus nerve health and your mind-body connection?

Why not join 44 experts at the FREE Mind Body and Vagus Nerve Connection Summit and find out?

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  • A 4-week program to strengthen your vagus nerve and boost your immune system, written by Eva Detko, PhD, MSc, BA (Hons), mIAHT
  • The Vagus Nerve 1010 eGuide, also written by Eva
  • Symptoms and Root Causes of Vagus Nerve Dysfunction by Navaz Habib, DC, AFMCP
  • Balancing Neurotransmitters to Optimize Vagust Function by Trudy Scott, CN
  • EFT, Polyvagal Theory and the Mind-Body Connection by Craig Weiner, DC

RSVP here for this FREE online summit where 44 experts will share knowledge on:

  • The functions of the vagus nerve
  • The vagus nerve’s role in immunity
  • The Connection between healthy vagus function and healthy gut and biome
  • Links between infections, mitochondrial and vagus function
  • Boosting function of the vagus nerve
  • And so much more!

Led by Eva Detko, these experts are here to guide you, to help you to improve your vagal tone and to reap the benefits of a healthy mind-body connection. By applying the strategies you learn here, you can improve your nervous system and immune function in a matter of weeks, taking your healing to the next level!

The stress of modern life, coupled with the prevalence of unresolved emotional trauma means that many of us can activate our sympathetic (fight-or-flight) response very readily, but we often struggle to switch it off because of low vagal tone. This limits the ability to activate the rest-digest-detoxify-heal part of the nervous system, and over time, this leads to chronic inflammation and poor gut function, and consequently, can result in pretty much any chronic disease, including autoimmunity and cancer.

Sign up to the FREE Mind, Body and Vagus Nerve Connection Summit today and you’ll be able to heal and reverse this issue fast – and you can get started right away with those valuable free gifts. Are you ready to heal?