Gut and Microbiome Rescue – FREE Online Event

Do you know what (or where) your microbiome is? One of the most exciting frontiers in medicine, the microbiome is considered by some experts to be like a newly-discovered organ, a “2nd brain,” that profoundly controls aspects of health throughout the body. Yet many people don’t even know it exists… or how to care for it.

The microbiome is the complex ecosystem of your digestive tract, where billions of invisible bacteria live together and help keep you healthy and happy; it actually weighs about the same as your brain and contains 100 times more genes than your entire DNA!

To learn how to keep your gut and microbiome healthy, why not join us FREE at this unmissable online event:

Gut and Microbiome Rescue

At this ground-breaking 7-day event, you’ll hear from more than 80 experts in digestive health, who will share everything you need to know about improving and optimizing your gut health, so that you can get started right away on living a healthier life.

What’s more, when you register for Gut and Microbiome Rescue here, you’ll get immediate early access to a host of free gifts including these early talks:

  • Shocking Revelations about Your Microbiome – Mark Pimental, MD
  • Microbiome Discoveries That Will Change Your Life – Ali Rezaie, MD, MSC, FRCPC
  • Exciting New Frontier of the Microbiome – Jason Hawrelak, PhD
  • Masterclass: Understanding the Human Microbiome – Anne Hill, ND

as well as the FREE bonuses:

  • Boosting Immunity Through Gut Health – Heal Your Gut, Boost Immunity, and Get Your Life Back! eGuide – from Shivan Sarna
  • The Microbiome Rescue eGuide – from Shivan Sarna
  • Research-Proven Probiotics eBook – from Shivan Sarna
  • 4 Interview Transcripts from the Gut and Microbiome Rescue Summit – from HealthMeans
  • Let’s Talk About SIBO eBook – from Health Means

Sign up here free of charge to get immediate access to these incredible resources so you can get started changing lyour life right away. Meanwhile, at the 7-day event itself, you’ll learn from dozens of experts how to:

  • Understand the importance and function of your microbiome
  • Learn novel approaches to microbiome health
  • Diversify your diet and feed your microbiome
  • Demystify probiotics
  • Strengthen the oral, gut and skin microbiomes
  • Recognize impacts of toxins, parasites, blood sugar and hormone imbalance
  • Learn what’s cutting-edge from the researchers directly
  • And so much more!

It may be invisible, but your microbiome is a living, dynamic thing that you can impact directly with your everyday choices! Don’t miss this chance to focus on one of the most important health issues under your direct control. It’s free to sign up and attend – we’ll see you there!