The Need to GROW – Sustainability Solutions – FREE Online Documentary Screening

Can we feed the world without destroying the planet? That depends – on what we do NOW.

Soil scientists estimate that at the rate we are developing our farmland, we could have fewer than 60 years of soil left on earth. But the good news is that there ARE solutions, if we choose to embrace them.

Join us for this FREE screening of Conscious Earth Films’ award-winning documentary:

The Need to GROW

In what many are calling ‘the environmental film the world has been waiting for’, this is a story of real world solutions. The Need to GROW takes you inside the hearts and innovations of three very different leaders – an 8 year old girl challenging the ethics of a beloved organization, a renegade farmer struggling to keep his land as he revolutionizes resource-efficient agriculture, and an accomplished visionary inventor facing catastrophe while developing game changing sustainability technology.

Click here for your FREE screening of this inspirational, award-winning documentary.  It will warm your heart, fill you with hope and inspire you to take action.

This deeply moving 90 minute film focuses on soil, food, and the future of our species, delivering a non-divisive message about the stake we all have in humanity’s ability to sustainably grow food for future generations.

Narrated by Rosario Dawson (Marvel’s The DefendersThe Lego Batman Movie), The Need To GROW will make you laugh, make you cry, give you chills, and inspire you to participate in the restoration of the Earth.

With the planet on the brink of ecological disaster, and chronic disease rates skyrocketing, this is the story of how ordinary people are striving – often against the odds – to implement extraordinary solutions. It’s a story which needs telling, and it’s told very well – and you can watch it free, right here.

Please sit down and watch, and share with your friends too. You probably wouldn’t expect a documentary about food production to move you to the core, but this one will – don’t miss it.