Secret Ingredients: Are They Making You Sick? FREE Documentary Film

How much do you really know about what is in your food – and how that could be affecting your health and wellbeing?

Jeffrey Smith and Amy Hart are on a mission to help you — and millions of people around the world — take back your health.

Join us to enjoy a FREE online showing of their empowering, life-changing documentary:

Secret Ingredients: Are Secret Ingredients Making You Sick?

This documentary is simply a must-see for anyone who eats – so, that’s all of us then! It explores the scientific reasoning behind the actions that various nefarious chemicals take on the human body – and breaks it down into understandable information that is as shocking as it is empowering.

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At the heart of this film is the story of Kathleen DiChiara and her family of five who were collectively struggling with 21 chronic conditions.  They were like many other families — despite living a healthy lifestyle and making a point to exercise and “eat right” — they were constantly struggling with one condition after another.

Maybe you’ve experienced something similar yourself, or have family and friends who can relate?

Kathleen became determined to figure out what was causing these conditions. Everything changed for the DiChiaras when she identified the hidden ingredients in foods that were keeping them in a perpetual state of illness – and eliminated the harmful ingredients from their kitchen. The transformations were so dramatic, you’ll want to see it with your own eyes.

Kathleen’s experience is not uncommon.

You’ll be inspired when viewing Secret Ingredients, as you “meet” more than a dozen people who regained their health after adopting a GMO-free, organic diet.

Reserve your free spot at this viewing here and get ready to learn how skin and digestive conditions can just disappear, how chronically ill patients now have a clean bill of health, how autistic children are thriving and infertile couples now have healthy babies.

You’ll also hear from esteemed physicians, scientists, and experts who explain the science, and the political history of GMOs and Roundup herbicide.

You deserve to feel your best, and this starts with knowing exactly what’s in your food. You may think you know, but what you discover in this film will likely surprise you.

Join us for this unmissable screening, and start taking back control of your health, right now!