Embrace the Extremes of Darkness and Light to Find Enlightened Consciousness – FREE Online Workshop

The world is going through a very painful, grueling time in which everything is at stake.

If we’re going to make it through this worldwide calamity, we’re going to need to be empowered at a much deeper and sacred level than we’ve ever been before.

Transcending this madness requires us to evolve to a new enlightened consciousness — the divine human — one that brings two extremes together to birth a new world.

Join us to learn how at this empowering FREE online workshop:

Embrace the Extremes of Darkness and Light to Find Enlightened Consciousness: Connect to the Divine and Build Strength and Resilience by Recognizing Your Inner Opposites

Andrew Harvey, a prolific author and one of the greatest scholars of the world’s mystical traditions, leads this workshop, showing us that to embody this new consciousness we need to marry the wisdom of the serpent with the innocence of the dove.

Andrew will share how we must take on the extremes of darkness and light to be reborn on the other side of this global dark night. He’ll show how the dance of opposites — like the darkness of heartbreak — can be your best friend, bringing you to new levels of truth, compassion, and wisdom.

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In this 60-minute free workshop, you’ll learn:

  • What birthing the divine human really means — and what it asks of you
  • Why we need to embody the wisdom of the serpent with the innocence of the dove
  • Why our greatest gift is heartbreak
  • How you become deeply human and deeply divine at the same time by marrying darkness with the light
  • How to be a ruthless lover of God and a “warrior midwife” of the new reality

Andrew will also demonstrate how if you truly want to birth the divine human in yourself and experience authentic spirituality, you need to marry the opposites within yourself. You must learn to be just as wise, ruthless, and shrewd about the dark in the same way you are open to the light.

When you have both forms of divine wisdom — the wisdom of the serpent and the innocence of the dove — you’re fortified and firmly anchored with strength and resilience to evolve through the perils of this desperate time.

Don’t miss this opportunity – register here to find out how the dance of opposites can bring you to new levels of truth, compassion and wisdom.

Don’t worry if you can’t catch the live event; everyone who registers will receive a downloadable recording to keep. You owe it yourself to experience how embracing the extremes can bring you to a whole new level of wisdom!