The Plant Spirit School: Ancient Medicine for Modern Times – FREE 5-Day Online Event

Can psychedelics heal humanity’s global mental health crisis? Psychedelic medicine is heralded as the new frontier of psychotherapy, even though many psychoactive plants have long been used ceremonially by indigenous cultures.

If you’re interested in navigating the Psychedelic Renaissance and Global Shamanic Revival safely, responsibly and with integrity, you won’t want to miss this ground-breaking FREE online event:

The Plant Spirit School: Ancient Medicine for Modern Times – 5-Day Online Event

Join Lorna Liana, publisher of the psychedelic media platform EntheoNation, and 40+ multidisciplinary thought leaders in a series of bold, inquisitive conversations about the expansion of plant medicine shamanism and the future of psychedelic medicine.

RVSP here to claim your FREE seat – when you register, you’ll receive a FREE copy of EntheoNation’s Psychedelic Medicine Primer, where you’ll discover:

  • The most commonly used natural psychedelics and their therapeutic benefits.
  • Which psychedelic plant medicines have long-standing ceremonial use.
  • What promising psychedelic therapies are available (and on the horizon)… and how long will it take for ordinary people to have access?

During the 5-day online event, you’ll also explore:

  • Ancestral Plant Spirit Healing Traditions (Ayahuasca, Iboga, Peyote, San Pedro, Sacred Mushrooms) as well as Kambô, and Bufo
  • The Past, Present & Future of Psychedelic Medicine
  • The Art and Science of Microdosing Transformation
  • Psychedelics & Leadership Innovation

Speakers include Ninawa Pai da Mata, spiritual leader of the Huni Kuin community of Novo Futuro, who will talk on the indigenous cultural renaissance catalyzed by the globalization of ayahuasca and their tribe’s decision to collaborate with outsiders. Filmed in the Kaxinawá indigenous territory of Humaitá in Acre, Brazil, during the Eskawatã Kayawai Festival, this mini-documentary shares their culture, shamanic medicine traditions, challenges, and hopes for the future.

Wade Davis, celebrated author, anthropologist, ethnobotanist, and filmmaker, talks about the impact of the Psychedelic Renaissance on contemporary culture, as well as about the Drug War’s destruction of Colombia and what he considers to be the ultimate sacred medicine of South America (not ayahuasca).

Nat Kelley, activist and actress (Fantastic Fungi Foundation, The Fast and the Furious, Vampire Diaries) and Alan Scheurman (Santiparro), musician / Shipibo-trained facilitator, discuss the impact of COVID on the indigenous communities in the Amazon, and what it takes to create a global campaign of active reciprocity.

Bruce Parry, filmmaker and explorer, will speak on the delicate nature of living with remote peoples, egalitarian tribal cultures, and his visionary experiences on iboga, ayahuasca, Bufo and ebene (yopo).

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Other speakers at this incredible event include:

  • Françoise Bourzat, consciousness guide and author, who shares what happens when you integrate indigenous sacred mushroom ceremonies and Western psychology
  • Cecilio Soria Gonzales, Shipibo indigenous rights activist, on how the Comando Matico initiative is distributing plant medicine through indigenous communities to treat and prevent COVID (and the recipe for this remedy)
  • Shelby Hartman, co-Founder of DoubleBlind Magazine, leading publisher of psychedelic journalism, on the medicalization of psychedelics, and whether these emergent drugs are all they are hyped up to be
  • Jeremy Narby, legendary anthropologist and author of the Cosmic Serpent, with advice on how Western ceremony facilitators from the Global North can stop engaging in spiritual extraction of indigenous cultural wisdom, and give back in a meaningful way

 Sign up now for this 5-day online event and enjoy your free gift and advance previews too once you register. For anyone interested in plant medicine or psychedelics, this is an event not to be missed. Discover the benefits of ancient medicine attuned to our very modern times – knowledge every seeker should have!