Harmonize Imbalances in Your Body and Mind With a Tuning Fork Sound Healing – FREE Online Workshop

You probably know that – energetically speaking – if you are not accepting, honoring, and loving yourself, body, mind, and spirit, your vibration will reveal this. Your biofield, the electromagnetic energy field that flows through and around you, becomes stagnant and disharmonized.

This can prevent you from attracting what you desire and deserve, OR from radiating out into the world the full, heart-and-soul-driven expression of yourself.

Join us for an inspiring and FREE mini online workshop with sound therapy pioneer Eileen McKusick, designed to show you how sound healing with a tuning fork can help you to ‘re-wire’ your system and clear your biofield:

Harmonize Imbalances in Your Body and Mind With a Tuning Fork Sound Healing: Raise Your Voltage and Capacity for Self-Love and Healing

Are you ready to open to self-love as a balm that can uplift, heal, and liberate the true you?

Register here free of charge for this empowering 60-minute workshop, where you’ll:

  • Learn how to look “down and in” for a healthy new perspective that opens you to self-honoring, self-respect, and self-love
  • Discover how sound healing with a tuning fork can help you break through the energetic noise in your biofield to shift into a coherent, balanced, liberating form of self-expression
  • Become aware of how victimhood energy manifests in your body, and how changing your energetic alignment from the inside changes how you perceive your situation
  • Discover how love and your heart hold the vibration of creation and key to alignment of your spiritual, mental, and physical bodies
  • Experience a powerful tuning fork mini-treatment to calm your adrenals, draw in and store grounding and revitalizing Earth energy, and promote greater self-embodiment and self-love

You won’t want to miss this opportunity to experience a powerful sound-healing mini-treatment via a tuning fork to calm your adrenals and make way for the shedding of inner barriers to self-love and self-empowerment.

Tuning-fork sound healing has powerful calming and balancing effects on your electric body — as science reveals, our very cells conduct electric currents.

And these harmonizing effects can be instrumental in helping you deconstruct false beliefs and make way for falling in love with yourself and life… while also freeing up your energy for yourself, your loved ones, and your community.

You can only love others as much as you love yourself – so don’t you owe it to yourself to balance your energy this way? Grab your free place here – don’t worry if you can’t attend live, as everyone who registers will receive a downloadable recording to keep as soon as it is available.

We’ll see you there – together, let’s look forward to raising our voltage and our collective vibration!