Live a Conscious Life Through In-Depth Study and Practice of the Enneagram: An Overview of a Groundbreaking, Year-Long Immersive Enneagram Certification Program

The Enneagram’s ancient wisdom gives us a map for human purpose and possibility… and lays out a modern-day, personalized path to wholeness for each of us.

Whether you’ve recently developed a strong curiosity about the Enneagram, or you already have a foundational understanding of the Enneagram types and their qualities, or you already use the Enneagram for your own inner work or your work with others:

You’re invited to join an immersive Enneagram program designed for you to become part of a life- and world-changing movement toward a new and just reality.

Answer the Call to Live a Conscious Life Through In-Depth Study and Practice of the Enneagram: An Overview of a Groundbreaking, Year-Long Immersive Enneagram Certification Program

At this FREE 60-minute online event, you’ll be introduced to this first-of-its-kind, year-long intensive Enneagram depth-certification training, taught by Russ Hudson, one of the foremost Enneagram teachers in the world, and Jessica Dibb, an Integrative Breathwork trainer and one of the great innovators in the Enneagram field.

Register here for Answer the Call to Live a Conscious Life, the FREE introductory event, where you’ll:

  • Be guided through an opening presence practice
  • Discover what it means to live an Enneagram-informed life
  • Learn how certification in the year-long program is different from other certifications… and how it’s the same
  • Be presented with the knowledge you need to determine why you’d want to be part of an unprecedented, immersive program to shift consciousness
  • Hear the call for a commitment to change through the extensive excavation work of the Enneagram

And, you’ll meet Julie Harris, a certified coach, Enneagram teacher, and integrative Breathwork facilitator, who Russ and Jessica have invited to lead some exciting elements of the year-long program.

You’ll discover the life-changing benefits you’ll receive in the year-long certification program, including:

  • Authentic, personal, and intimate transmissions of the teachings from lineage-bearers of this perennial wisdom
  • Guidance through experiential learning and extensive embodiment practices
  • Wisdom from renowned guest faculty — such as A. H. Almaas, Cynthia Bourgeault, Dan Siegel, Hameed Ali, Ginger Lapid-Bogda, Katherine Fauvre, Andrea Isaacs, Kathy Jankowski, Tom Condon, Roxanne Howe-Murphy, Tyler Sit, Milton Stewart, Abi Robins, Deborah Ooten, Jerome Lubbe
  • And much more!

It’s apparent that the world is in need of a collective leap in consciousness. And it’s clear that many of the “solutions” we’re using to solve personal, national, and global problems aren’t working.

To create significant and sustainable change — to help us get through our collective traumas — we have to move into the cave of our own wounds and do the necessary repair work.

And that’s exactly where the Year-Long Certification Program in Conscious Living will guide us, with a level of expertise beyond what’s been available.

When you walk away from this inspirational hour with Russ and Jessica, you’ll likely have a whole new willingness to look more deeply and then deeper still into the depths of your being — the depths of your soul — both through intensive wisdom teachings and by staying present, moment by moment, as you experience practices and processes designed to help you find your authentic self, again and again.

Are you ready to take such a deep dive into your inner work that you’ll be equipped to join a global community of consciousness-shifters?

We are – register here for this FREE event and we’ll see you there!