Qigong: Engage the Power of Chi to Cultivate Vitality, Balance and Inner Peace – FREE 5-Day Online Event

Looking to clear out a year’s worth of stagnant energy and emotional malaise?

Would you like to boost your physical and emotional flexibility with nourishing low-impact routines? Are you eager to cultivate health and longevity from curative traditions grounded in nature and the cosmos?

Qigong is the foundation for a life lived with more flow, bliss, and balance – so we’re delighted to invite you to join us at a very special FREE online 5-day event:

Qigong: Engage the Power of Chi to Cultivate Vitality, Balance and Inner Peace

This ancient Chinese tradition combines the word Qi, which means subtle breath or life-force energy, with “gong,” meaning cultivation or skill. By attending this 5-day event, you will embark on a journey with highly respected Qigong teachers and learn timeless techniques to calm your nervous system, address chronic illness, improve your bone health, spring-clean the energy in your organs, and much more!

Over 35 leading Qigong teachers, masters and doctors will bring you depth learning from a wide range of wisdom streams within the realm of Qigong, including Wujigong and Wuji Quan, Tai Chi and Zuowang meditation, Qigong-based sound healing, and Da Zi Ran.

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During this online Qigong event, you’ll discover:

  • That practicing Qigong can enliven, maintain, and grow your bones; build electromagnetic conductivity; and increase density
  • An embodied way to approach Zuowang meditation beyond intellectualization
  • Possibilities for using Qigong to change how you live with and heal aspects of Parkinson’s Disease and other chronic illnesses
  • The yin way of using sexual energy to heal your wounds and those of your full ancestry line
  • How to transform the trauma stored in your body’s cellular memory using movement, meditation, and sound healing
  • How to express and safely exercise the yin and yang in Tai Chi practice
  • The potential of Taoism to unify your mind and spirit and connect you with nature through meditation, alchemy, and consciousness
  • The power of time and how to maximize its positive impact by being intentional about the timing of your daily meditations and exercise routines
  • How to tame your experience of pain in your mind and body through restorative Qigong and Tai Chi
  • Essential exercises to guide and direct your life-force energy through your energy body for health, healing, and vitality
  • The experiential applications of all these transformational modalities, allowing you to put them into practice right away
  • How science is now showing that Qigong techniques are an effective complement to allopathic medicine

There’s never been a more pressing need to clear stagnant Qi, counter extreme physical and emotional imbalances, and release that nagging languishing feeling from your system.

After being trapped in the trenches of a global pandemic for a full year, people around the world are finding solace and revitalization in the centuries-old Chinese tradition of Qigong. Will you be next to discover this life-enhancing practice?

Grab your free place at this 5-day Qigong event here and get ready to discover simple practices that will help you take better energetic care of your body, mind, and emotions — generating harmony, serenity, and reconnection with yourself and nature.

You’ll be in good hands with host Sharon Smith, who’s been practicing Qigong, Tai Chi, and other Taoist spiritual and healing arts for more than 40 years, and teaching them for nearly as long.

We’ll see you there!