Digestion SOS: FREE 10-Part Docu-series – Digestive Health Secrets You Need to Know

Holding back on life because of the pain and embarrassment of cramps, bloating, diarrhea, constipation and/or GERD? Tired of searching for answers to IBS, SIBO or leaky gut?

Many suffer in pain and silence, and just live with their symptoms — because they can be such taboo topics. Not only that, but even if you’ve seen a doctor, it takes the average patient seven years to get an IBS diagnosis.

Join us and learn how you can take back control of your gut health and get your life back!

Digestion SOS – FREE 10-Part Docu-Series – Digestive Health Secrets You Need to Know

Your host, Shivan Sarna, became a health advocate after finally being diagnosed with SIBO in 2015. She tried almost everything she could think of to get rid of her chronic digestive issues — a long list of conventional and alternative treatments — but only with limited success. Realizing there wasn’t much accurate, useful information available on leaky gut, IBS or SIBO, she got serious about getting to the root cause of her symptoms so that she could take back control of her life.

Shivan is here to help you by sharing what she learned – and by offering FREE access to amazing expert interviews, curated them into a 10-episode, documentary-style series about the latest research on gut conditions and the solutions that work — from conventional to alternative — so you can heal your gut and get your life back!

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This amazing series will help you with:

  • Understanding gut health and immunity
  • Discovering underlying causes
  • Testing for gut-health issues
  • Dietary protocols for gut health
  • Pharmaceutical and natural treatments
  • Alternative therapies to try (and avoid!)
  • And so much more

What’s more, when you register you will get immediate access to a host of free gifts and extras so that you can take back control of your health right here, right now.

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  • The Crazy Causes of Sugar & Carb CravingsChristine Schaffner, ND – In this video, learn why parasites are more common than you think, and what signs and symptoms to look for, as well as learning strategies for avoiding and healing.
  • The Top Causes of IBS & SIBOMegan Taylor, ND – In this video, learn about the root causes of SIBO and IBS, the connection between alcohol and SIBO, and how to overcome health-related “decision fatigue”.
  • Biofilms 101: Understanding This Common Barrier To HealingPaul S. Anderson, NMD – In this video, learn what biofilms are, how to use a biofilm buster and how ignoring biofilms can prevent healing.
  • Mold, Chemical Exposure & Your Gut HealthEvan Brand, CFMP, NTP – In this video, uncover practical solutions for mold and chemical exposure, and learn about testing for gut issues; you’ll also discover your “turnaround time” for healing.
  • Episode 1: The Center of Everything: Understanding Your Gut & What Can Go Wrong with ItShivan Sarna – In this video, you’ll discover why you can’t ignore your gut issues, misconceptions about IBS and leaky gut, plus how to tell if you have SIBO. You’ll also learn how to get real about embarrassing bathroom symptoms.
  • Bonus Episode 10: You’ve Never Seen This Before: The Future of Gut Health Is NowShivan Sarna – In this video, learn alternative therapies to try (and avoid!), cutting edge protocols that actually work and hope for future treatments and healing. You’ll also learn how to get started when your problems seem insurmountable.
  • SIBO SOS™ CookbookShivan Sarna – Enjoy a collection of Shivan’s favorite SIBO-friendly recipes. The contributors to this amazing collection are all SIBO savvy and the dishes are fabulous! Choosing the right foods is one of the best ways to control symptoms and these tasty dishes will show you that the SIBO diet can be delicious!
  • Heal Your Gut, Boost Immunity & Get Your Life Back! eGuideShivan Sarna – This 25-page guide is packed with information on SIBO, IBS and leaky gut. You’ll receive a symptom checklist, quick tips for symptomatic relief and the top 10 foods to avoid to start feeling better right away!
  • 4 Interview Transcripts from The Digestion SOS DocusummitHealthMeans – Your host Shivan Sarna has selected these transcripts as amazing examples of what you’ll learn over the course of this event. Grab these interview transcripts, and gain insights from Dr. Paul S Anderson, Dr. Christine Schaffner, Dr. Megan Taylor and Evan Brand!
  • 20 Ways to Help Heal Leaky Gut eBookHealthMeans – Leaky gut impacts our health on many levels. Luckily, most people can radically change their gut health by taking some of the steps provided in this eBook. Take control of your health today as we journey toward a healthier life together.
  • Sugar Detox eBookWen Li & Kenny – Science shows that sugar can seriously damage our health, and yet we’re consuming more of it every year – with incredibly damaging consequences. Not only does excess sugar make us sick, overweight and tired, it’s also bad for our skin and ages us well beyond our years. In this eBook, you’ll receive a 4-week sugar detox plan, including 28 delicious recipes and useful food listings to help keep sugar out of your diet.
  • Heal Your Gut with Essential Oils (3rd Edition)Eric Zielinski – Be empowered with advanced strategies to beat leaky gut, soothe SIBO and IBS, and regain control of your digestive health naturally! This 167-page, newly expanded 3rd edition includes backed-by-science nutrition and supplement strategies along with cutting-edge essential oils protocols to help you enjoy abundant health.

All of the above are yours immediately when you register here for Digestion SOS – can you afford to not have this information for yourself and your family?

You really do not have to suffer digestive issues in silence – and there ARE strategies you can use which really work. Join us for this incredible docuseries and start your journey towards better gut health.