Discover Kairomancy – The Art of Navigating Life Through Synchronicity – FREE Online Workshop

Have you ever woken up from a dream and spotted one of your dream images in your waking life? Have you noticed a particular object or animal repeatedly showing up wherever you go, as if trying to get your attention?

Or, perhaps you’ve struggled to arrive at the solution to a problem and surprisingly received the answer from a conversation you overheard between strangers?

These are all examples of meaningful coincidences, what Jung called synchronicities, and what renowned dream archeologist and bestselling author Robert Moss calls Kairos moments (after the Greek God of Opportunity).

Kairos moments are special instances for seizing revelations of profound self-knowledge — clues for growth, healing, and manifestation. Robert has coined the word kairomancy to describe this practice. You’re a kairomancer when you learn how to recognize when the world is speaking to you in signs and symbols — and know how to reap the wisdom of these moments before they slip away.

Sounds fascinating, right? Join us for a FREE online workshop with Robert to find out more!

Discover Kairomancy – The Art of Navigating Life Through Synchronicity – FREE Online Workshop

Kairos moments can confirm or encourage a certain line of action, awaken us to a new desire or way of being, or intercede to discourage us from persisting in our worst errors. Moments that remind us that we are constantly being guided by benevolent unseen forces and are never truly alone.

In this fascinating, story-packed 60 minutes with The Shift Network’s favorite dreamwork teacher, you’ll discover how to live your life attuned to the archetypal forces at play in and around you so you can recognize and grasp the healing wisdom in synchronistic moments. You’ll learn self-empowering skills that allow you to experience divination through the powers of a deeper reality — in your dreams and in your waking life.

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Robert believes that the real magic in life begins when you discover your dreams as the secret wishes of your soul, urging you to take action to bring them to life in the world… and when you awaken to the fact that the world reflects back these wishes, guiding you in manifesting your soul’s desires.

During this fun-filled workshop with Robert, you’ll:

  • Discover the magic of living life as a kariomancer, attuned to the archetypal forces and synchronicities at play in your life — while asleep and awake
  • Learn how to dream with the soul of the world by recognizing and working with everyday oracles — signs and symbols that are clues for your growth, healing, and happiness
  • Experience a drum-accompanied imaginal journey to the Oak Tree Oracle of Zeus and Dione at Dodona — said to be the first of all Greek oracles — to seek guidance regarding a current life question
  • Find out how navigating life with the help of synchronicities can boost your dream recall and even end a dream drought
  • Discover how your emotions generate events through the Pauli Effect, named for the quantum pioneer who helped Jung develop his theory of synchronicity

If you’re a firm believer in synchronicity but have previously struggled to make sense of it, this workshop is the key you’ve been looking for.

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Discover the healing power, joy, and magic of living a life guided by synchronicity, as you learn to recognize Kairos moments — when the world speaks to you in signs and symbols to help you grow, thrive, and manifest!

We’ll see you there!