Shamanic Practices to Cultivate Spiritual Immunity for Yourself and the World – FREE Online Workshop

How are you faring these days… physically… emotionally… spiritually?

If we look deeply and are honest with ourselves, many of us will concede that there’s more for us to navigate, reflect on, and help change NOW than there was over a year ago — when the world shut down to stop the spread of the pandemic.

Across the globe, we’ve become a society of “great divides.” Our diverse (and often forcibly expressed) beliefs and opinions  — about how to navigate and end the pandemic, live our lives in these uncertain times, and care for the Earth and each other — are putting us at odds.

Our attitudes, thoughts, and actions may be creating negative energy within and around us, as well as perpetuating the illusion that we are all separate from one another.

This is not to be ignored in shamanic traditions, where the belief that what we experience in our lives is a reflection of what we are energetically creating within through our thoughts and words.

If this troubles you, and you want to play your part in healing, why not join us for this special FREE online workshop:

Shamanic Practices to Cultivate Spiritual Immunity for Yourself and the World – FREE Online Workshop

Now, more than ever, world-renowned shamanism teacher Sandra Ingerman stresses that we need to cultivate “spiritual immunity” — the state in which we optimize our health, awareness, and capacity to help support those around us, the Earth, and ourselves.

Shamanic wisdom teaches that every being and everything are connected, forming a great Web of Life that was foundational to the creation of the whole of the Universe.

In this powerful hour with Sandra, you’ll discover spiritual immunity as the path out of separateness, chaos, and darkness, and into a place of unity, love, light, and kindness. A path that she sees as the only way forward in these times.

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You’ll learn about ancient shamanic teachings known as the Medicine of the Earth, which boost your spiritual immunity through perspectives and practices that enable you to see and transform your projections on others — and transmute negative energies created by lack of awareness, understanding, and unwise thoughts and words.

These skills can help you cultivate resilience, compassion, and a state of wellbeing so you can stay grounded and open-hearted in difficult times.

Sandra will also share how to look to the descendants and ancestors for wisdom on living in peace and caring for the planet in these tumultuous times.

During this complimentary online workshop with Sandra, you’ll:

  • Discover the importance of cultivating spiritual immunity for the health of our society, the planet, and your wellbeing
  • Learn about the shamanic Medicine of the Earth and how it can help us heal divides and transmute negative energies in our communities, families, and within ourselves
  • Be guided in a 10-minute shamanic journey to a beautiful place in nature to reflect on your thoughts about others, and if and how you will transform these thoughts — for your inner peace and healing and for theirs
  • Learn daily practices to catch yourself having toxic thoughts (of anger, betrayal, grief, or fear) and transmute them into positive, healing energy — for yourself and the world
  • Explore the many reasons shamanic journeys — to the future and back to the ancestors — can give us essential wisdom for navigating our present crises

Sandra Ingerman has been at the forefront of bringing shamanic practices to a global audience for decades, training tens of thousands of practitioners worldwide. Isn’t it time we all play our collective part in global healing?

If you’re ready to take part, register here and get ready to empower yourself – and the world

If you cannot attend the event live, you will still be able to benefit from Sandra’s teachings, via the free downloadable recording which will be made available to all who register.

Let’s get the healing started!