How the Indigenous Path of Curanderismo Can Transform You and the World – FREE Online Workshop

These days, more spiritual seekers are turning to our lineage bearers, the keepers of the wisdom we need to navigate these times. This wisdom plays out in each of our lives differently, yet connects us all.

In many communities, spiritual seekers often turn to a curandero, a traditional shamanic healer and practitioner of the Indigenous folk healing system of curanderismo. The curandero is often a leader in the local community — and a source of healing, wisdom, and connection to the Divine.

I’m honored to invite you to a new, FREE online workshop with Grandmother Flordemayo, a beloved Mayan elder and curandera espiritu, or a healer of divine spirit:

How the Indigenous Path of Curanderismo Can Transform You and the World – FREE Online Workshop

Grandmother Flordemayo was raised with the knowledge that each prayer unfolds right at the moment. As you’ll feel during your hour with Grandmother Flordemayo, her prayers are a profoundly collective experience, yet her authenticity and humility allow the prayers to flow through her and each person differently. It’s all part of the great mystery.

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In this 60-minute free online event, you’ll:

  • Participate in powerful opening and closing prayers, sent out into the 4 directions
  • Experience a beautifully simple water ceremony to celebrate our relationship with Mother Earth, led by Grandmother Flordemayo
  • Explore the ways you can align and surrender to Spirit so you can cultivate a greater appreciation for being alive
  • Discover how practicing spirituality leads you to your highest authentic self
  • Hear stories of Grandmother Floredemayo’s upbringing, and the fascinating details of her work as a Curandera

This sacred event will unfold spontaneously — Grandmother Flordemayo is beloved for not teaching in a linear fashion. Instead, she follows her inner guidance as Spirit speaks through her, sharing exactly what each of us needs to receive in the moment.

Born and raised in the Mayan tradition, Grandmother Flordemayo was chosen to be one of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, a group predicted by prophecies that’s committed to bridging the ancient and modern worlds to weave the human family together again.

Her inspirational presence and profound understandings will change the way you see your world, and that in turn can help you to create meaningful change for those around you. It’s time to step into your divine power.

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We hope you can enjoy the event live, but if not, don’t worry; everyone who signs up will receive a free downloadable recording as soon as it is available.

Join us and surrender to the moment as you absorb the timeless wisdom and beautiful prayers of Grandmother Flordemayo.