Experience Shamanic Lucid Dreaming to Find Your Soul Direction and Life Calling – FREE Online Workshop

Have you noticed times when the situations and knowledge you need seem to come out of nowhere to nudge and guide you in the direction that feels right?

Somehow, you’ve landed on the path of least resistance — you feel vital, alive, and at home within yourself and the world.

Emerson’s Spiritual Laws explain this easeful flow with the Universe as opening to our uniqueness, to what we alone have been incarnated to do — we’re following our soul direction. But it’s not always easy to find, is it?

If you’ve been struggling with discovering your calling, you won’t want to miss this inspiring FREE workshop:

Experience Shamanic Lucid Dreaming to Find Your Soul Direction and Life Calling: Powerful Practices to Reclaim Vital Energy and Open to Greater Fulfillment, Joy and Purpose

With bestselling author and dream archeologist Robert Moss, you’ll discover how looking to your nighttime dreams and practicing what Robert calls shamanic lucid dreaming — dream journeying while awake — provide us with powerful tools for navigating our lives in a profoundly liberating, healing, and soul-led way.

Lucid dreaming can restore your inner compass – surely invaluable when you have lost your way.

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During this insightful and uplifting 60 minutes, you’ll:

  • Discover shamanic lucid dreaming and how it can help you remember and recover lost and undeveloped parts of yourself for greater self-realization, wholeness, and wellbeing
  • Experience a shamanic lucid dreaming journey to retrieve a soul memory or lost part of yourself as you ponder the question Where is the rest of me? and open to the wisdom and healing inherent in following your soul direction
  • Learn how creating soul cards, inspired by your dreams, can help you listen more deeply to your dreams and the language and experiences of your soul
  • Explore dream archaeology and how it can connect you with your ancestors, soul family, and spiritual lineage to help you come home to your soul self

Learn, as Emerson taught, that there is one direction in which space is open to you. When you forget this direction — which leads to your true calling — you run into all kinds of trouble.

At a time when world events have knocked many of us off course and we’re feeling more lost and ungrounded than ever before, dealing with challenges we could never have imagined, Robert offers us powerful medicine for the soul.

Grab your FREE place at this Shamanic Lucid Dreaming workshop today – and get ready to discover dreamwork practices that take us across time and space, into realms of soul and imagination in the larger reality.

It’s surely time to recover the parts of ourselves that have gone missing, and to gain a closer connection with our creative spirits and our higher self.