Andean Shamanic Rituals for Healing Yourself and Our World – FREE Online Workshop

Healing, wisdom, and guidance are always available to us through Mother Earth, our beloved ancestors, and the great Cosmos – sacred knowledge and healing energies for cultivating, sustaining, and ensuring our wellbeing — and that of our families and communities.

The Andean people drew these powerful transformative energies through a sacred portal, a thousand-year-old symbol called the Chakana. This ancient map, representing all cosmic and ancestral forces, provides a bridge between human life and the greater universe that connects us to our divine light and the healer within. It helps us manifest a healthy, fulfilling, and happy life, so that we in turn can help and serve others.

If you would like to know more about the Chakana and how it can help you to lead a transformative life, join us for this amazing FREE workshop:

Andean Shamanic Rituals for Healing Yourself and Our World – FREE Online Workshop

In this workshop, Andean medicine man Puma Fredy Quispe Singona, broadcasting from the Andean Highlands, will share about how to access the wisdom of the Chakana and how to amplify its powerful healing energies and commune with spirit allies of the Earth and stars through the creation of a mesa, a personal altar used in Andean rituals.

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During this powerful 60 minutes, you’ll:

  • Experience a 10-minute guided journey to connect with the forces of Pachamama’s elemental energies (water, fire, air, and earth) — and receive healing through oneness with their powerful essences
  • Explore the Chakana, an ancient symbol of the Andean people that serves as a portal for accessing the powerful convergence of cosmic and ancestral healing energies — and learn how you can receive its sacred gifts
  • Discover the ancestral tradition of creating a mesa (a personal altar) to commune with spirit allies and amplify the powerful healing energies of the Chakana
  • Explore the transformative powers of the Chakana’s 4 Directions and how they connect us to healing energies, including munay (unconditional love); kausay (cosmic life energy); llankay (unconditional service of love); and yachay (divine intelligence)
  • Learn about potent Andean rituals and healing practices for realizing yourself as a powerful healer ready to support yourself, your family, and your community

This is an opportunity to connect with powerful healing energies that can create immediate shifts in our lives… for our health and wellbeing, and for that of our families and communities.

This beautiful, love-filled hour with Puma will include a fireside ceremony and blessing for good health and wellbeing, and conclude with a flute-and-drum composition that draws from the healing powers of the mountains to encourage a joyous heart.

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Join us to learn about the power of the Mesa – if you can’t join the event live, don’t worry, everyone who registers will receive a free downloadable recording to keep as soon as it is available.

To a new journey of understanding!