Activate Your Highest Potential Through the Consciousness of the Enneagram – FREE 5-Day Global Online Event

What if you had a roadmap for understanding who you really are and what motivates the behaviors of the people around you?

What if you could leverage the individual revelations of the Enneagram to help heal broken bonds between others?

How would it feel to move from a fixed point of view to an expansive orientation towards your personal, professional, and community life?

The Enneagram contains many levels of wisdom. Understanding its potency in action can help you shift your center of gravity, and our collective consciousness, to address the multiple challenges — and opportunities for growth — of our time.

As you prepare to leave this calendar year behind and meditate upon your intentions for the future, a precious space is opening that could be used to activate your deepest potential. Join us to find out how at this FREE 5-day global online event:

Activate Your Highest Potential Through the Consciousness of the Enneagram – FREE 5-Day Global Online Event

Using the Enneagram, you can better comprehend your role in achieving greater peace, understanding, and collective cooperation.

In this groundbreaking 5-day online event, you’ll be given concrete tools for creating individual, relational, and social change. This high-level approach to applying the Enneagram will help you become more whole and present with yourself so you can become an agent of change.

You’ll discover how to embody the consciousness of the Enneagram — a complex and beautiful system of nine pathways to self-understanding and self-actualization — to help move collective consciousness away from marginalization and bias. You can do the work of the Enneagram to reassess assumptions about race and age, for example, or gain inspiration from the ways it can be used to heal the soul of large institutions.

You can do more than embody the gifts of your type; you can heed a higher spiritual calling to help others embrace their true gifts alongside you.

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Each session of this 5-day event is a journey — exploring the wounds and growth edges of each Enneagram type, and offering invitations for wholeness and integration as we embrace the qualities of all nine points of the Enneagram. You’ll be led along a higher path that helps you move beyond “othering” mode, and toward healing personal and collective trauma.

Featuring close to 70 world renowned experts in this field, you’ll discover evolved solutions for moving humanity away from polarization, and toward presence, wisdom, love, and empathy.

At this event, you’ll learn:

  • How to safeguard your soul by acknowledging the Enneagram center filter you use, allowing you to make wise choices when processing information
  • How you can use the Enneagram to move past negative patterns and have healthier and more fulfilling relationships with friends and family
  • The ability of a conscious Enneagram Type 7 to excel in many areas by whirling to the rhythm of life, breathing infinite possibilities, and integrating interests
  • A biological understanding of our instinctual drives, how they interact with our core suffering, and how they open greater access to life force than our type does.
  • Methods for accessing higher states of consciousness through an embodied practice of the Enneagram that utilizes conscious breathing practices
  • Why Enneagram Type 3s strive to be a source of hope in the world, leveraging their unique position as anchor point in the heart triad
  • How using Enneagram and CIEW (Consciousness, Information, Energy, and Will) tools together can improve self-awareness and self-control for Type 4s
  • How working with the chakras complements and deepens Enneagram work
  • That the experience of personality types shows up differently for people who belong to the historically excluded global majority
  • The core gifts, main struggles, and ego illusions of Enneagram Type 5s, along with resources for healing, and a potential path of growth
  • How releasing the emotional habit of “stubborn unwillingness” to face personal priorities can help ease the Enneagram Type 9’s version of anger
  • How the Enneagram Type 2 teaches generosity and its shadow aspects, balancing empathy and kindness with self-care to spark growth
  • That Enneagram Type 6s can be both thinking-dominant and thinking-repressed, so focusing on spiritual work can be healing by releasing passion
  • Ways to embody Enneagram Type 8 gifts like confidence, taking a stand, decisiveness, honoring your value, and dealing with anger in healthy ways
  • And much more!

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Whether you’re relatively new to the Enneagram… a longtime enthusiast using its guidance in your personal life… or you’d like to put teachings from the Enneagram to use in a professional context, you’ll discover life-enhancing insights you simply won’t find anywhere else.

You’ll reap the benefits of expert wisdom on a wide array of topics relevant to our times. And you’ll receive invaluable insights about how to repair wounds not only in yourself and in your own relationships, but also in the global community.

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Here’s to your highest good!