Discover the Transformative Power of Genealogical Regression to Heal Your Lineage — Past, Present and Future

No matter who you are, you walk through life carrying ancestral ripples of energy — the burdens and blessings of your lineages — within you.

Research shows that our very DNA can hold the traumas of our ancestors. Unresolved inherited pain can play a prominent role in anxiety, depression, hereditary diseases, and a range of physical and emotional challenges.

The good news is that there is something you can do to mitigate inherited patterns and ease ancestral traumas that are affecting your life now. You can bring peace to painful relationships, legacies, and events, and live a happier, healthier life with a deeper sense of belonging and connection.

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Discover the Transformative Power of Genealogical Regression to Heal Your Lineage — Past, Present and Future

Genealogical Regression is a unique healing modality, developed by Dr Shelley Kaehr, a world renowned regressionist and pioneer in mind-body wellness. Dr Shelley is our host for this soul-nourishing event, where you can learn how Genealogical Regression could change your life.

Through the practice of Genealogical Regression, you can meet with your ancestors, send healing energy to everyone in your family (whether they’re living or they’ve passed on — even if you were adopted), and dissolve distressing patterns that have been carried in your lineages for lifetimes.

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During this powerful hour, you’ll:

  • Explore what Genealogical Regression is — and how it can help you heal family trauma, break free from deep-seated burdens, and send healing blessings up and down your lineage
  • Be guided through a powerful visualization journey to connect with your ancestors and send them healing light… to raise the vibration of your entire family — past, present, and future
  • Understand the difference between Genealogical Regression and past-life regression
  • Discover why it’s key to connect with your ancestors at the level of their higher selves, transcending difficult patterns and talking soul-to-soul
  • Find out why healing your inner child is the first step to gently resolving suffering from past events, lingering pain, and difficult

Raising the vibration of your lineage can benefit not only you and all those in your family’s past, present, and future — but everyone who comes across your kin in daily life. As your positive intentions ripple outward, you become part of the solution that all of humanity needs so much right now.

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Genealogical Regression can help you feel lighter, better able to fully express the gifts you’re here to share, and empowered to make enormous positive transformations in your life and the world.

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