Discover the Power of Energy Medicine and Spiritual Psychology – FREE Online Event

Are you easily triggered these days?

Despite your best intentions, are you finding it difficult to hold the boundaries you’ve set with certain people and situations?

Or, do you sometimes  feel as if you’re merely “existing” day to day, unable to make any progress?

You’re not alone.

Many of us are feeling edgy lately due to the state of the world and mounting uncertainties — not to mention past traumas and betrayals, fear, anxiety, shame, anger, judgment, jealousy, doubt, and other inner obstacles.

Spiritual psychology, combined with powerful energy medicine practices, can help you stay afloat and centered in the midst of life’s storms.

Join us at this empowering FREE online event to discover more:

Discover the Power of Spiritual Psychology and Energy Medicine: Frequency Boosting Practices to Clear Fear and Other Obstacles – FREE Online Event

The vitality-zapping energies of outside stressors and difficult inner emotions often remain stuck in our systems, hampering us from recognizing, accessing, and embodying our true essence — and from manifesting the full expression of our soul.

Finding and landing in this sweet spot of life is mandatory for optimal health and emotional wellbeing. It can dictate the difference between a life lived in “survival mode” and a life that is embraced and rejoiced, and that synergistically intertwines our humanity with the divinity of our soul.

Our host for this event is Mary Sise, LCSW, energy psychology pioneer, Director of Magdalena Healing and creator of Soul Weaving.

Mary uses scientifically studied, time-proven energy medicine approaches to help others break through their resistance to recognizing and embodying their soul’s true nature — including sound healing, breathwork, chakra clearing, theta state meditation, energy testing, and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

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Mary’s unique approach to EFT tapping, based on the technique originally taught by Roger Callahan, PhD, includes setting a clear intention and adding a breath-and-eye-movement sequence that helps reprogram neural pathways for a much deeper clearing.

When you join Mary for this complimentary online event, you’ll discover energy medicine practices that can help you consistently sustain your inner light and the healthy, high-frequency vibration your energy field requires to reveal and manifest your soul’s desires.

You’ll find out that loyalty to your soul is also a choice to love… yourself and others.

And, you’ll experience a powerful guided visualization to activate your ability to transmute any lower-frequency energy, setting you on the path to increased wellbeing and clarity about your soul’s true calling.

During this remarkable hour-long event with Mary, you’ll:

Discover how to recognize obstacles to your soul’s full expression, including people-pleasing, playing the “wrong role,” making stealthy judgments, and more

  • Learn how to clear fear so you can create and maintain the coherent energy field necessary for powerful manifestation
  • Experience a profound guided visualization to instantly activate your power to transmute any lower-frequency energy, cultivate wellbeing, and gain insight into your soul’s true calling
  • Learn how your “survival” brain limits your capacity to hear the voice of your intuition
  • Discover how to detect when your intuition is tuned in to angelic realms — ready to help you transform feelings of doubt into faith, judgment into compassion, and betrayal into trust

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Isn’t it time to step away from the chaos and fear of the last couple of years, and into the life you deserve to live?

The world needs empowered souls now more than ever. Take the first step towards freedom with this unique blend of spiritual psychology and energy medicine.

Here’s to your inner light!