Nootropics, Neurotrophics and Microdosing: How Psychedelic Mushrooms Can Elevate Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Have you been hearing the buzz around the healing properties of psilocybin — and want to better understand the science of how it works?

An exciting psychedelic renaissance has been gaining traction, with virtually every major media outlet reporting on new science, new startups, and new applications for these ancient healing practices.

The fear-driven reaction to psychedelics that led to misguided attitudes and laws for more than 60 years is starting to ease. Consequently, new avenues have opened up for addressing major mental health issues, from PTSD to depression to anxiety.

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Nootropics, Neurotrophics and Microdosing: How Psychedelic Mushrooms Can Elevate Your Mind, Body and Spirit – FREE Online Event

Our host for this event is the highly respected clinical herbalist, scientist, and researcher Christopher Hobbs, PhD, LAc. Christopher will illuminate the opportunities and promise of psilocybin mushrooms — including how they have become widely understood to convey cognition and memory enhancing properties as a nootropic, while also enhancing the growth and survival potential of neurons as a neurotrophic factor.

This new wave of interest in various psychoactive compounds is firmly grounded in solid scientific research and sober caution about ensuring safety, so that we can truly help better people’s lives.

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During this hour-long online event, you’ll:

  • Begin cultivating a new attitude toward psychedelics, as you more deeply understand the need for psychedelics
  • Appreciate the value of reliable facilitators and mentors on this path
  • Take an important step on your own inner hero’s journey to restore emotional, psychological, and physical wellness — as well as establish a profound connection with your own higher wisdom
  • Explore a brief history of psilocybin mushrooms… where they were found, how they became popular (and then illegal), and what the current landscape looks like
  • Have a better sense of how to prepare for the journey ahead

In addition to the storied “psychedelic journey” that these mushrooms can facilitate, they’ve been shown to untangle neural pathways and strengthen neural connections so they can operate with more efficiency and ease.

From healing depression to facilitating higher states of consciousness, psilocybin has such enormous potential that is only just beginning to be understood.

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Here’s to the healing power of psychedelics!