The Alta Major Chakra: The Hidden Key to Receiving Accurate Higher Guidance and Clear Intuition – FREE Online Event

The alta major chakra, also known as the mouth of God, is a minor chakra with a big role: to provide clear access to divine guidance, including your ultimate purpose in life.

Medical intuitive Rev. Tiffany Jean Barsotti, PhD, says it’s also part of a larger body-mind nexus within the nervous system that’s designed to support the establishment of our divine presence deep in our own physiology…

… making it a crucial component for humanity’s evolution as we continue to individually and collectively grow into our true identities and shared purpose.

If you want to know more about the power of the alta major chakra, join us for this empowering FREE online event:

The Hidden Key to Receiving Accurate Higher Guidance and Clear Intuition: Open the Lesser-Known Alta Major Chakra to Enhance Your Health and Improve Your Life

At this event, Tiffany will share how the alta major chakra serves as a gateway to higher guidance and health, a portal for awakening and healing, and a bridge that closes the gap between spiritual and physical consciousness.

In this free online event, you’ll:

  • Explore the alta major chakra as a gateway to higher guidance — and its role in an even greater nexus of awakening and healing
  • Discover the physiology of presence and being in the here and now
  • Begin to prime your nervous system to receive higher guidance with a short audio meditation that explores the axis point of where physical and spiritual consciousness meet
  • Learn how to discern your inner voice from inner noise — stabilizing your nervous system and allowing higher insights to flow
  • Explore why it’s now time for the once-shrouded wisdom of the alta major chakra to be accessed and shared with the masses

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Tiffany teaches that the alta major chakra — which rests at the base of the skull — works with the vagus nerve and reticular activating system to create a triad of inner knowing that can shift your entire physiology.

Working with this triad is an important step in embodied ascension and your ability to remain grounded during transcendence. This includes priming your entire nervous system to receive the higher guidance of the alta major chakra.

Are you ready to explore a new gateway for accessing higher consciousness? One that also holds the potential to foster a profound sense of presence and purpose throughout your physical anatomy for better health and an increased sense of wellbeing?

Then don’t miss discovering your alta major chakra through this empowering event!

Join us to learn three key questions to ask that can help you gain greater discernment and wisdom — through activating the alta major chakra to access clear information to optimize your health, energy, and purpose.

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