The Next Level Science of Sound Healing: Discover the Power of Frequency Medicine and Cymatics – FREE Online Event

Modern science reveals to us much about the role of sound in the creation of our universe — as well as in fueling and healing our very bodies and energetic systems.

Almost all the atoms in the Universe create sound, and those sounds of creation give birth to light — the same light that radiates from stars and the infrared light that radiates from all of us.

These phenomena provide us with a massive clue that the most direct path to healing is through immersion in sound frequencies and light frequencies.

If you’d like to learn more about how sound, frequency and vibration can heal, you won’t want to miss this amazing FREE online event:

The Next-Level Science of Sound Healing: Discover How to Heal Yourself and Evolve Your Consciousness Through the Power of Frequency Medicine and Cymatics

Your host for this event is world-renowned acoustics scientist John Stuart Reid. At this event, John will guide you through an exploration of the healing power of light frequencies, taking a deep dive into the relationship between sound, light, water, and electricity — to reveal how their shared synergy generates the very electricity that gives us all life.

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In this electrifying free online event, you’ll:

  • Learn how sound creates infrared light, which powers the structured water-building mechanism in cells, which in turn powers our biology
  • Watch a profound experiment with pure water, which reveals how the cells of your body are powered by life-giving electricity
  • Explore some of the many medical conditions that can be supported by frequency medicine in the form of light therapy
  • Discover how some tracks of music automatically generate the ELF acoustic energy needed for optimal vagus nerve stimulation
  • Discover how you can boost your immune system, bring light and balance to your bodily systems, and activate your capacity to heal at a cellular level

The goal of all energy medicine healing modalities, including sound, is not to directly heal the body — for only the body can heal the body — but to cultivate the conditions within which your body can heal itself. It’s about bringing the entire mind, body, and soul together in balance… in harmony.

Are you ready to explore the healing intelligence of sound and music frequencies? Join John for this journey into the healing potential of sonic science, light science, and music as medicine!

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At this event, you’ll step onto a path where healing and higher consciousness are unlocked through sonic science.

You’ll never see the world the same way, as a world-renowned acoustics scientist pulls back the curtain on the mysteries of creation — by sharing a scientific demonstration that reveals the structuring and harmonizing sounds that activate and support your life.

Are you ready?

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