Energetic Resiliency in the Electromagnetic Era of 5G: What’s Coming and How to Protect Your Biofield – FREE Online Event

Our world has changed dramatically over the last few years.

We are surrounded by invisible frequencies that power the features in our cellphones, microwaves, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth devices, offering us unprecedented access and convenience. Society celebrates this progress…

But at what cost?

There is strong evidence that too many of us are paying with our health for the convenience that new technology like 5G and connected devices offer us.

If you’re concerned about EMFs and the health implications for you and your loved ones, you won’t want to miss this FREE online event:

Energetic Resiliency in the Electromagnetic Era of 5G: What’s Coming and How to Protect Your Biofield – FREE Online Event

Documented symptoms from EMF radiation include brain fog, migraines, compromised immune systems, fertility issues, and even cancer.

Now with 5G and other more advanced technologies, EMF frequencies are getting stronger and more pervasive throughout the world.

But at this FREE online event, Doctor Melanie Smith will be showing how you can take advantage of the modern world AND stay safe – by keeping your biofield protected from this relentless electromagnetic onslaught.

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Dr Melanie will empower you by sharing practical and effective energy exercises that can defend you against EMFs by developing your powerful energetic resiliency.

In this timely and insightful hour, you’ll:

  • Learn 3 things you can do today to reduce EMF exposure in your home
  • Learn how to do Dr. Melanie’s Deep State Regulator energy exercise, which can shield you from EMFs by working with your pineal gland and vagus nerve
  • Explore EMF research that quantifies the impact of EMFs, including 5G… and differentiating what is fact from fiction
  • Discover common signs and symptoms that indicate EMFs are affecting your biofield
  • Understand the importance of building energetic resiliency and how to incorporate this powerful practice into your daily life through an Auric Field energy exercise

While this proliferation of EMFs can negatively impact our biofield, the key to living in harmony with our constantly evolving technology is our ability to adapt as the world around us rapidly changes.

Dr. Melanie will share what EMFs actually are and offer critical information that can help you move from fear and anxiety to empowerment and freedom by implementing effective and proven energetic self-care methods to protect your emotional and physical health.

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You’ll also learn practical and effective energy medicine methods to protect yourself and your family from these powerful frequencies.

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Nobody wants to shun the convenience of modern technology.

And you don’t have to.

But you do need to keep yourself safe – and this FREE event will show you how.

We’ll see you there!