Discover the Muscle of the Soul With Somatic and Osteopathic Movement – FREE Online Event

Osteopathic medicine reveals that every act of attention or intention to act initiates a musculoskeletal response that activates your body’s neuromuscular stress reflexes — for better or worse.

These reflexes embed either a sense of calm, safety, and ease within your physiology, igniting the relaxed, health-infused state of the parasympathetic nervous system…

… or the agitation, fear, and constriction of an alarmed sympathetic nervous system — which too often leads to chronic pain and conditions, mystery (idiopathic) pain, illness, and dis-ease.

Osteopathic doctor Brian Siddhartha Ingle teaches that there is one area of the body in particular that holds tremendous power over your stress reflexes and their debilitating effects: the iliopsoas muscle group, also called the muscle of the soul.

Join Brian and us for an empowering FREE online event to learn more:

Discover the Muscle of the Soul With Somatic and Osteopathic Movement: A New Approach to Releasing Held Patterns of Fear and Trauma Within Your Body

You’ll learn how crucial the muscle of the soul is in your capacity to prevent and heal chronic stress, pain, and trauma — and to live with greater ease and a felt sense of freedom within your own body.

Join this FREE online event to explore:

  • The muscle of the soul — and the role the iliopsoas muscle group plays in your overall wellbeing and spiritual evolution
  • A guided experience to help free the muscle of the soul
  • How your body is habitually experiencing the 3 neuromuscular reflexes of stress — and how this leads to chronic muscular or musculoskeletal pain
  • The inner workings of Brian’s formula for healing: Embodiment + Health + Dis-ease
  • Why Sensory Motor Amnesia (SMA) is the most common cause of chronic pain in the musculoskeletal system — and how to shift from SMA to sensory motor remembering
  • The cause of your mystery aches and pains and lack of energy — and a process to unravel them

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Learning how to transform attention into conscious awareness is the first step toward living in a more embodied and aligned way — better equipped to release the held patterns of fear and trauma that are buried within your body…

… while also enhancing your natural ability to self-regulate, balance your nervous system and overall health — and self-heal.

When you attend this online event, you’ll be taking the first step to freeing yourself from debilitating chronic stress, pain, and trauma, with immediate access to this powerful presentation.

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