The Yi Quan Qigong Connection: Re-educate Your Nervous System for Balance, Increased Energy and Strength – FREE Online Event

There are untold mysteries in your body. And the wisdom, healing, and inspiration contained therein cannot be accessed until you come to understand and experience the true power of inner and outer balance.

An effective way to tap into your spontaneous wisdom, release fixation on the past and future, trust the wisdom of your body, and transcend the limitations of the brain is through the readily accessible tools of Yi Quan (pronounced YEE-CHUEN).

This unique practice consists of brief, easy-to-learn postures, exercises, and meditations that improve skills used in Tai Chi, Qigong, sports, and everyday life.

To discover how you can incorporate Yi Quan into your daily life, you won’t want to miss this FREE online event:

The Yi Quan Qigong Connection: Re-educate Your Nervous System for Balance, Increased Energy and Strength – FREE Online Event

The truth is that you don’t have to slow down as you age — your strength and speed don’t have to diminish. You can tap into new reserves of power to change old dysfunctional habits and relax far more deeply than ever before.

Our host for this event is Ken Cohen, a Qigong and Tai Chi grandmaster, and winner of a Lifetime Achievement Award in Energy Medicine.

Ken will be leading this FREE hour-long immersion in contemplation and practice of fluid and empowering movements, breathwork, and meditation.

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In this hour-long free online event, you’ll:

  • Explore Yi Quan as a form of mind/body reeducation that refines your posture, aligns your breathing patterns, and replenishes your energy reserves
  • Realize the mysteries and wonders of the body that are often hidden because of the limited focus of the Western educational system
  • Discover how these unique movement-meditation practices can help you release self-imposed limitations — including those related to aging
  • Understand that tranquility does not exclude dynamism — you can have slowness and speed
  • Experience a practice that integrates with the principles of neuroplasticity to reveal that the brain has more than pre-set, instinctive behaviors
  • Receive effective techniques for creating new neural layers and pathways in the brain for clearer focus and presence

Like Tai Chi, Yi Quan is both a healing art and a valuable technical resource for martial artists. Yet, unlike Tai Chi, it does not require learning a long and complex choreography. In this sense, it’s more like Qigong.

However, body training is only half the answer. Yi Quan also includes sophisticated methods of healing imagery to train mental focus, relaxation, inner peace, and connection with nature. And while this may involve courageous self-exploration and facing inner resistance to change, the outward impacts are numerous and consequential!

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We hope you’re able to catch the event as scheduled. But if you register and miss it, you’ll receive a downloadable recording as soon as it’s available.

As a new year takes hold, isn’t it time that you learned a new way of understanding your mind and body?

That’s exactly what will reveal itself through the power of Yi Quan.

We’ll see you there!