The Herbalist’s Path of Illuminated Wellbeing: FREE Online Event with David Crow, LAc

Do you ever think about how miraculous it is to be in a physical body that has the capacity to think, speak, see, breathe, hear, move, and conduct all the functions that make our lives run smoothly and meaningfully?

According to a wide variety of ancient traditions, all these powers of the body also have spiritual dimensions that make a human being’s capacity more vast than most of us can possibly imagine.

Not only that… the same intelligence that allows humans to operate at such a magnificent level of intricacy, strength, understanding, and insight also exists in every aspect of nature and our cosmos.

Celebrated herbalist David Crow calls the wisdom that flows through the powers of our bodies, all of nature, and the whole of the universe cosmological intelligence — and it’s what enables us to feel that magical experience of unity with all that is.

If this resonates with you, you won’t want to miss this FREE online event with David:

The Herbalist’s Path of Illuminated Wellbeing: FREE Online Event with David Crow, LAc

David explains that our bodies have nine power centers — the brain, vision, breath, speech, metabolism, the glands, sexual vitality, protection, and the heart…

… each of which has enormous physical and spiritual capabilities that allow us to not only function, but thrive — physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

At this FREE uplifting event, David will walk you through these nine powers of the body, and explore how you can supercharge their function using the combination of specific, highly potent herbal formulas and their associated contemplative spiritual practices.

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In this free hour-long event, you’ll discover:

  • How to improve your health using 2 major categories of herbs that can supercharge the power of your body centers — and how these same herbs support various types of meditation
  • A simple method to actually experience the presence of solar energy in your body — the basis of your body’s power of metabolism
  • An easy meditation to enter into the awareness of biological unity with all beings through a mindful breath practice
  • How knowing about these 9 centers of power in your body can increase your understanding of how your body works, how to improve the function of your powers, and how they can support your overall wellbeing and accomplishments

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At this inspirational event, you’ll also discover that the physiological functions of the 9 centers are the manifestation of cosmological intelligence inside the body… and also the basis of countless spiritual practices through history designed to sacralize the body and help you perceive its inherent divinity

You’ll learn that when you couple specific meditations with specific herbs, you potentize the health of your power centers, both physically and spiritually.

This is immensely useful knowledge for your spiritual growth.

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