How to Heal Old Traumas With Biofield Tuning: FREE Online Event with Eileen McKusick

Many of the challenges that keep you feeling stuck are actually your past family members’ unresolved struggles, says renowned sound healer Eileen McKusick.

Eileen’s research shows that unhealthy inherited imprints can show up as stuck energy in your ancestral rivers that live in your biofield anatomy (all the information from your maternal and paternal lineages), and manifest as dissonant noise in your electromagnetic field.

If left unaddressed, these imprints can covertly sabotage you, and be passed on as pain, struggle, or dysfunction — ancestral patterns that can continue from one generation to the next.

But there are ways you can heal these old traumas. To find out more, join Eileen for this empowering FREE online event:

How to Heal Old Traumas With Biofield Tuning: FREE Online Event with Eileen McKusick

For nearly 30 years, Eileen has been facilitating profound healing through biofield tuning, her signature process that analyzes the overall health of the electromagnetic field of the body — then harmonizes them using the sound frequencies of tuning forks.

The result is a deeper level of relaxation and freedom from old struggles.

Struggles that are tied up in inherited memories, traumas, and grievances are neutralized as you enter back into a flow state so your body can heal itself on every level.

You can experience how Eileen’s biofield tunings can help you locate inner resources and awaken your potential — free from the distortions of your ancestors who were out of tune, in pain, and without the tools they needed to live healthy lives.

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In this free online event, you’ll discover:

  • How Eileen’s biofield tuning process analyzes the atmosphere around your body, uncovering the dissonant noise that distorts your true energetic tone and wellbeing — and harmonizes the body’s electromagnetic field using tuning forks
  • How your ancestors’ inherited patterns, traumas, and experiences get passed down through your lineage — and show up in your body’s electrical system today
  • The biofield anatomy map — and where you can access crucial ancestral information
  • What’s stopping you from experiencing your most expanded, playful self through a biofield tuning session — you’ll allow the sound to come into your areas of rigidity and open up an energetic space of self-awareness

Not only will you get a revelatory new understanding of your “electrical health,” but Eileen will guide you through two biofield tuning sessions, using binaural beats that she will create right in the moment — one to reveal what’s stopping you from experiencing your most expanded self, and another to tune in, and start to clear, the patterns you’ve inherited from the ancestors on your mother’s side.

As Eileen will share, tuning and clearing inherited patterns allows your full potential to come through, revealing the gifts that you’ve inherited from your ancestors — and setting you free from their issues and struggles.

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