Where Modern Science and Ancient Traditions Meet in Shamanic Energy Medicine – FREE Online Event

How old would you feel if you had no formal age?

The idea that we are inherently designed to live, only to steadily degrade until we die, is a story that is becoming less and less supported by science.

As a medical anthropologist who studied the shamanic energy medicine practices of the Amazon and Andes firsthand for more than 25 years, Dr. Alberto Villoldo says that humans are actually one of three species on the planet that do not have death programmed in their DNA.

Perplexing as this may sound, scientific research on the drivers of aging continues to vindicate DNA breakdown as the main culprit.

All of this speaks to what Alberto learned while training with Inka medicine men and women… and the discoveries of the shamans who lived more than 5,000 years ago:

We can switch on and off the genes that create health and disease.

To find out more about this incredible concept, you are invited to join Alberto for this fascinating online event:

Where Modern Science and Ancient Traditions Meet in Shamanic Energy Medicine: Align with Your Divine Design for Longevity and Vibrant Health as a Neuro-Shaman and Earthkeeper – FREE Online Event

With Alberto, you’ll explore the medicine that today’s scientists refer to as the master regulator of longevity — and the ancient Indigenous technologies that transform the body, heal the soul… and can change the way we live and die.

In this enlightening online event, you’ll:

  • Explore the ancient healing traditions of Andean shamanism, and the modern science that supports them, through Alberto’s journey as a medical anthropologist
  • Discover the neuro-shaman — one who dreams their health and life into being — and begin to harness the power of shamanic dreaming to design your life lucidly
  • Experience an interactive fire ceremony (bring a candle and toothpick or small stick to participate) — an ancient practice of rapid transformation that invites us to let go of the old story and be born anew
  • Gain powerful scientific insight into how we are programmed for immortality as one of three species on the planet without a death program in our DNA
  • Learn why your emotional brain needs ceremony in order to change — and why you cannot change your mind unless you change your brain as well

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Alberto’s potent combination of shamanic wisdom, energy medicine, and modern science forges a path for the neuro-shaman, one who knows how to dream their life and health into being, transforming pain and suffering into sources of strength and compassion.

If you’re ready to explore how you are wired for longevity, join us for what is sure to be a mesmerizing hour.

You’ll discover penetrating insights from the intersection of neuroscience, quantum physics, and ancient Andean practices, which converge on a path to longevity and a new Earth heralded by a new kind of shaman — the neuro-shaman.

Don’t miss this fascinating online event for a new perspective on shamanic energy work.

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