Discover Your Field of Super-Abundance: Wake Up to Life’s Magic and Possibilities – FREE Online Event

Are you feeling tired and burned out from the mundane routines of daily life? Do you wonder if there is more to life than just going through the motions?

We are excited to share with you that there is a world of possibilities and serendipity waiting for you to discover. You can open your eyes and heart to the magic of life’s abundant possibilities by accessing new portals to the non-ordinary.

Join us for a life-enhancing FREE online workshop led by women’s empowerment leader Kenlyn Kolleen:

Discover Your Field of Super-Abundance: Wake Up to Possibility and Magic in Life by Accessing New Opportunities in the Unseen

In this empowering event, you will learn how to access the field of super-abundance and co-create a new way of being with the universe to live your deepest desires.

During this workshop, you will discover:

  • A guided embodiment practice to help you figure out what you truly desire
  • A full-moon meditation to make space available for the new version of you to emerge
  • How to experience the field of super-abundance, where you’ll experience serendipity
  • The difference between super-abundance and manifesting
  • How to use the full moon, equinox, wormhole, and astrological new year to support your manifestation
  • How you have unique and personal access points that serve as portals to the field of super-abundance

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In this workshop, you’ll also receive a variety of customized tools, including shamanic breathwork, mudras, and guided visualizations, to access the field of super-abundance. You will learn how to step into a higher frequency of super-abundance, where synchronicity, flow, delight, and magic become a part of your daily life.

You have a choice between feeding the fear frequency or stepping into a higher frequency of super-abundance — where synchronicity, flow, delight, and magic are a part of your daily life. It’s where things just feel easier and more aligned, and you trust that the Universe is conspiring on your behalf, no matter what life brings to your door.

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