The Powerfully Simple Approach to Energy Healing With Quantum Touch – Free Online Event

Did you know you already have the power and skills to raise your energy levels to permanently correct posture and bodily alignment, reduce pain and inflammation, help balance emotional distress, and more?

This is the power of Quantum-Touch®, energy medicine pioneer Richard Gordon’s touch-based healing technique that can also be used to heal others near and far due to its remote healing capabilities.

This revolutionary technique uses the Qi of both the healer (that’s you) and the person seeking healing — bringing them into harmony so the body can heal itself.

Intrigued? Discover much more at this FREE online video event with Richard:

The Powerfully Simple Approach to Energy Healing With Quantum Touch: A Unique Hands-on and Distant Healing Technique You Can Use On Yourself and Others

Quantum-Touch uses energetic breathing and body-awareness techniques to raise your energy levels. From there, you as the healer can tap into your own extraordinary potential for both hands-on and distance-healing techniques. As Richard explains, space and time are transcended when you focus your intention and awareness on sharing the gift of healing.

Are you ready to begin testing your skills so you can heal yourself and others — by practicing the first step of Quantum-Touch?

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In this hour-long free online event, you’ll discover:

  • Quantum-Touch, Richard’s energy-based healing technique that uses the Qi of both you as the healer, and the person seeking healing — bringing these energies into harmony so the body can heal itself
  • How to link body awareness to your breath with a guided breathing practice called “running energy” — the first step in the Quantum-Touch technique of sending love to others by accessing an inner space that’s free of judgment and full of love
  • Why and how Quantum-Touch can facilitate healing for young children and pets, who don’t understand how to participate in the energy healing process
  • How you can practice hands-on healing by learning to hold a high vibration in your hands — then allow the differing frequencies to match up through a process called biological entrainment
  • The doorways to new perceptions and understandings of human potential that Quantum-Touch unlocks — and the likelihood that you were taught the law of attraction backwards

You can use Quantum-Touch in tandem with all other healing modalities, including Western medicine. Its efficacy has been attested to by physicians, acupuncturists, chiropractors, and other healing professionals.

As your perspective shifts, you’ll learn to accelerate the healing of self and others, tune in to life’s synchronicities more deeply, and attract greater success and love into your life.

Discover the power of Quantum Touch for yourself at this FREE event.

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