Discover the Magic of Metaphysical Tools and Techniques – Free Online Event with Dr William Bloom

As a spiritual seeker, your heart is instinctively and mindfully open.

You’ve always had an intuitive sense that there’s something subtle and mysterious going on in and around you — but you’re not sure what it is, how to work with it, or how to harness its power to be of service to others.

The truth is, you don’t need an elite practitioner from the “right” tradition to hone your inner spiritual skills.

You already have the ability to become proficient, and ultimately an expert, in metaphysical practices — a spiritual growth process that helps you become more present, compassionate, and connected to yourself and those around you.

Find out more by joining us for this free empowering online event:

Discover the Magic of Metaphysical Tools and Techniques – An Online Event with Dr William Bloom

At this event, Dr William Bloom, a renowned expert in spirituality, metaphysics, and wellbeing, will share how you can begin to use the spiritual tools you innately possess, as he guides you through a practice to connect with the archetypal energy of your home to create a nurturing and harmonious atmosphere.

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In this hour-long online event, you’ll explore:

  • How you can work with energy to hone your innate intuitive skills — and become more compassionate, present, and connected to yourself and our world in the process
  • How to create a harmonious life and home environment that nourishes your mind, body, and spirit with a guided practice to call in the angel of your home and connect with this archetypal energy
  • Ways to deepen your connection with the benevolent Source energy that’s all around you, using your innate spiritual tools
  • How to cooperate with angels, nature spirits, and archetypes to enhance and improve every part of your life — including your health, relationships, art, work, or spiritual journey
  • A common language for spiritual development that helps make life-changing spiritual growth accessible to everyone
  • How your mind, energy, and nervous system work together, empowering you to soothe, ground, and strengthen yourself at any time

During this event, you’ll learn how to hone your inner intuitive skills, connect with the angel of your home, and discover a common language for spiritual and metaphysical development. You’ll find that by connecting with Source energy, you can anchor and deepen your connection with angels and other spiritual beings.

Join us and learn how to bring metaphysical practices into your own life, starting right now — as you experience Dr Bloom’s guided practice to help you create a peaceful and uplifting home environment that fosters happiness and wellbeing.

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You’ll learn how you can use your innate metaphysical skills in every area of your life — starting with a practice to call in an angel to create a nurturing and harmonious environment in your home.

We hope you’re able to catch the event as scheduled. But if you register and miss it, you’ll receive a downloadable recording as soon as it’s available.

You’ll also learn about Dr Bloom’s upcoming 7-week live video course, which he designed to demystify and democratize metaphysics and spirituality, making them accessible to everyone regardless of background. This course is a prerequisite to Dr Bloom’s Applied Metaphysical Spirituality Certification Program: An Esoteric Study and Practice for Therapists, Coaches and Energy Workers.