Psychedelic Healing: Voyage in the Sacred and Scientific Dimensions of Psychedelics – Free 5-day Online Event

While psychedelic healing is an emerging frontier of modern Western mental health and wellness, it’s been an integral part of many Indigenous cultures, which have used psychedelics to receive wisdom and offer healing to their communities for thousands of years.

Many people around the world are exploring bridging therapeutic modalities and treatments with expanded states of consciousness to clear shame and heal personal, ancestral, and collective trauma.

Now we’re delighted to share with you an amazing chance to join – free of charge – an incredible 5-day global online gathering where you can voyage with experts into the wisdom, intelligence and integration of psychedelics and plant medicine:

Psychedelic Healing: Voyage in the Sacred and Scientific Dimensions of Psychedelics – A 5-day Online Event

You’ll experience full days dedicated to the science behind psychedelic healing and you’ll learn the fundamentals for responsibly using sacred plants and psychedelics across traditions.

You’ll also explore a range of deep transformational practices across lineages and ancestral heritages… and an exploration of the role of sacred plants and psychedelics in opening up new pathways for healing, creativity, and connection.

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This event features 30 of today’s highly sought-after medicine men and women, clinical psychologists, healers, pioneering researchers, educators, and authors.

Some of the names you may recognize include Paul Stamets, Puma Fredy Quispe Singona, Claudia Cuentas, Dr. Marie Mbouni, Laura Dawn, Dr. Ron Siegel, Zach Leary, Dr. Ali Maya, Dr. Andrea Pennington, Xochitl Kusikuy Ashe, Rutury Temay, Paul F. Austin, and Gül Dölen, MD.

Together, they’ll create a safe and knowledgeable foundation to empower you to tap into your innate healing intelligence and expand your consciousness.

This transformative event invites you to discover ways to deepen your inner healing and connect authentically with others on the collective healing path.

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During this profound 5-day event, you’ll discover:

  • What we’re learning about microdosing with psychedelics to address anxiety, trauma, and burnout
  • Promising therapeutic trials examining the use of psilocybin to treat tobacco addiction, major depressive disorder, and cancer distress
  • How you can integrate somatic experiencing tools to enhance your healing explorations with sacred plant medicine
  • The healthiest and most respectful protocols to use with master plants
  • Ways in which the psychedelic renaissance can perpetuate historical trauma and colonialism, or help our society evolve to a place where we experience greater harmony with each other and the Earth
  • How to use breathwork, prayers, and visualizations to develop a relationship with the spirits of the medicines — even without ingesting them

And here’s just a taste of what the attending psychedelic healing experts have to share with you:

  • Puma Fredy Quispe Singona will guide you to connect with the spirits of master plant medicines Ayahuasca and San Pedro through prayers, visualizations, and breathwork to bring in powerful healing.
  • Paul Stamets will discuss the healing potential of psilocybin mushrooms, plus the synergistic effects created when they’re combined with lion’s mane mushrooms.
  • Dr. Marie Mbouni will address how you can prepare yourself before, during, and after using psychedelics — in order to unlock and sustain your “mystic brain” without creating a new traumatic experience.
  • Laura Dawn will explore how sacred plant medicines are profoundly valuable tools for cultivating creative cognition, including problem-solving and creative thinking — and why we need these skills now more than ever.
  • Dr. Ronald D. Siegel will reveal what research in mindfulness, compassion, and psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy can teach you about the causes of human psychological suffering and its alleviation.
  • Claudia Cuentas will share an Indigenous perspective for conceptualizing trauma and trauma recovery that uses creativity and art as healing forms.
  • Zach Leary will review the recent history of psychedelics in the Western hemisphere, and how these medicines can best be used in the 21st century.
  • Dr. Ali Maya will talk about the importance of wise preparation, navigation, and integration of psychedelic plant medicine explorations.
  • Dr. Andrea Pennington will share that by using the narrative therapy program LifeWriting, together with psychedelics and guided meditation practices, you can connect with your subconscious inner child and inner critic.
  • Xochitl Kusikuy Ashe will explore taking a more ceremonial approach to microdosing, using it to heal depression, anxiety, and ancestral trauma as well as for connecting you more deeply to the Earth.
  • Rutury Temay will talk about the importance of creating — through rituals and ceremonies — a medicine plan that connects with everything around you.
  • Paul F. Austin will discuss the practice of microdosing — taking tiny amounts of psychedelic substances to enhance cognitive abilities, increase creativity, and alleviate anxiety or depression.
  • Gül Dölen, MD, will reveal how psychedelics can reopen developmental pathways for nervous system maturation — expanding the potential scope of disorders that psychedelics might be used to treat.
  • And much more!

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover the power of psychedelic healing for yourself!

We’ll see you there!