Access Heart Intelligence to Transcend 3D Consciousness – FREE Online Event with Rollin McCraty, PhD

Many of us who strive toward personal development have spent a lifetime searching for spiritual tools that help us live in serenity, attain emotional mastery, achieve our soul purpose, and create deep personal connections with others.

Imagine a life where those qualities are not just aspirations to be endlessly sought after, but your everyday reality. In a world where stress, anxiety, and disconnection are often the norm, the ability to cultivate inner calm and balance is vital.

Cultures around the globe have recognized that the heart is the epicenter of the body, influencing our feelings, thoughts, and behavior.

And frontier science today is starting to support this perspective, finding evidence that our energetic heart — not our brain — acts as the gateway to our higher self.

To find out more, join Rollin McCraty, PhD, psychophysiologist and director of research at HearthMath, for a free heart-based workshop and explore the power of heart coherence and its ability to shift your consciousness into a higher state of being.

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In this elevating free online event, you’ll:

  • Explore how shifting into a state of heart coherence can increase your vibration and connect you with your higher self
  • Be guided through the Shift and Lift™ technique, an exercise for cultivating greater kindness and compassion, and more authentic and effective communication
  • Discover how achieving heart coherence will impact your daily life — physically, mentally, and emotionally — enabling you to stay calm under pressure, make more effective decisions, and feel lighter as you walk through the world
  • Learn about scientific evidence showing that your vibrational state and intentions can impact your DNA in powerfully positive ways
  • Experience how increasing your vibration can lead to greater self-regulation, which results in reduced stress and anxiety and an increased sense of groundedness and calm
  • Access deeper levels of spiritual awareness, facilitating your awakening process and shedding light on your sense of purpose

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By raising your personal vibration baseline, positive changes can begin manifesting in your life, enabling you to experience greater joy and a deeper sense of fulfillment, belonging, connection, and purpose.

And when you understand the science behind the concept of heart coherence and techniques such as Shift and Lift™ you will find your relationship with others moves to the next level.

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Don’t miss this chance to access YOUR heart intelligence at this empowering FREE event.

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